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Industrial Clothing Rack

Do you want to make your clothing shop in unique interior decoration? Industrial style definitely worth to try. An industrial style is an aesthetic interior design-build with old factories parts, bricks, plumbing pipes, solid wood or other nostalgic elements. It’s can create a great comparison of beauty with modern society. Steel plumbing pipe and old wood are some of the most extraordinary and versatile building materials that used a lot in interior decor. Along with a large variety of wrought-iron pipes and connector joints, This tubular industrial material can help you create any amazing design useful display fixtures and wall decorations with fantasy ideas. When old pluming pipes meet the old wood panels to form a clothing rack, they make a unique industrial aesthetic picture of a huge range of various designs and settings. From wall amounted hanging racks to a rolling mobile portable garment rack, or free-standing clothing rack shelving. It can be fabricated into any of your customized ideas full of beauty science. Whether you are looking for clothes racks for boutique apparel store displays or hunting for an attractive cool way to storage clothing for your studio, this industrial pipe clothing rack will bring a fabulous charming design style with an attractive surface finish. Most importantly, It’s has ridiculously durable quality that it can hardly broken or need repair. What’s more, Our pipe clothing racks are super simple to break down and easy to set up again, You do not need any extra tools and special instructions to build and install it. Therefore, it’s ideal display fixtures for people who are moving around looking for portable display solutions.
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industrial clothing rackAnt Display is a leading commercial display fixture manufacturers in China. We custom design and build clothing display racks for the retail environment and home decor. Offer the best display solution to various display space. Whether you are looking for modern wooden clothes racks or industrial pipe clothing racks, you always find the ideal fixtures here. We specially supply a large range of pipe garment racks accessories in industrial style present the merchandising in a unique fantasy design.


With our DIY solutions and simple accessories, you have the opportunity to create your own customized clothing display solution. No need extra tools, you only have to screw to each other build the display with your ideal way.  No matter you are just looking for a single wall clothing rack or a full retail store shelf system. With our various design concepts, you can design whatever you need to meet your specific display requirements.


When design a clothing retail store or boutique shop, wall-mounted display fixtures are necessary, it can not only place a neat, and clean interior room but also organize the whole merchandise. Ant displays offer various wall amounted clothing racks, display shelving and wood metal combined display solutions.  With our support, you can easily build your store and interior room in a fast and cost-effective way.


Industrial plumbing pipe and old wood shelving can also meet together to build portable clothing racks. A metal connector joint can make a clothing rack easy brake down and reassemble without worrying about any damage. The Pirate ship's steering wheel design taps used to adjust the different height and width. So, it’s just the ideal clothing racks performing shows or business events, Even club or hotels.


Industrial style pipe clothing racks are also the main components of the retail store displaying. Whether women fashion clothing stores or luxury boutique apparel shops, the industrial pipe display system always creates an aesthetic design and cool charming beauty.  We have a large range of different industrial pipe racking system , as we as wood shelving displays which are perfect for retail store presentations. What’s more, you will get a bulk wholesale price from Ant as we are direct display manufacturer trades. Browse our category and choose the best display racks for your business advertising and interior organization.