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Acrylic Risers

Are you looking for a good way to showcase your products and improve sales promotion? Acrylic risers can help you better. It helps you organize the counter top well and with eye-catching display racks instead of blocking or dispersing items. And acrylic risers can help increase attention to items for sale. Acrylic risers include many forms, such as U-shaped riser, laddered display stand, cylindrical risers, acrylic block and vertical risers, etc. You can find the suitable acrylic display risers, shelves and racks in Ant Display. Even if you need customize size and shape of acrylic risers, we can also provide with competitive price. Acrylic riser has a big market, as every shop owner use it to showcase the goods in a good way. It has a wide range of uses, such as lighting fixtures, biotechnology, security monitoring, electronic appliances, hardware and electrical machinery, food packaging, chemical construction, craft gifts, etc. These acrylic risers mainly use in the retail shops, street kiosk booth and even mall kiosks.
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Acrylic U-shaped risers

Acrylic U-shaped risers have strong simplicity and stability and can be made into different sizes in need. You can use them as nested display or arrange them individually to use. When we cut each transparent or frosted solid block to the correct size and then bend it into a classic U-shape, it can form U-shaped pipes of different sizes, ranging from 2 inches to 1 foot. Acrylic U-shaped Risers are good for retailers and merchants to display valuable items. They can better showcase and highlighting the watch, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, etc. They can be installed on desks and workbenches to attract people's attention and give customers a new and high-end feel.

clear acrylic risersAcrylic layered display Risers

Acrylic layered display risers have a powerful elevator in one display stand. It is ideal for packing a large amount of shelf space into portable parts. It is a fast and effective display rack that can help promote retail. Usually, these risers are integrated and do not require assembly. You can place the acrylic display rack wherever you want for display. Stairsteps are commonly used in jewelry stores, retail supply stores, cosmetics stores, watch stores, toy stores, etc.

Acrylic pillars risers

Acrylic pillars is one of the easiest ways to enhance the display of jewelry is acrylic pillars. Made of transparent acrylic solid rods and cut to the exact size, each piece is diamond polished to obtain a beautiful glass-like finish. With the help of our beautiful acrylic columns, you can improve the appearance of your jewelry and clothing in a good way! When you start these businesses, please don’t miss it.

Acrylic blocks and vertical risers

Acrylic blocks and vertical risers are made of solid acrylic. When polished into smooth crystal glass, each block can not only highlight the object but also highlight the entire display effect. If acrylic is used in your store, it will definitely add a unique charm to your store.

Acrylic cylinders and risers

The acrylic cylinder can be used to display all items, it has many functions and brings different display effects and visual experience to customers. When you choose Ant Display, we can design and manufacture acrylic cylinder risers suitable for your shop and products. Because when choosing an acrylic riser for display, it not only needs to present the product perfectly but more importantly, he must match the decoration style of the store and form a whole. Our professional designers can help you achieve this.
Benefits of using acrylic display risers
In addition to looking smart, acrylic displays also provide retailers with many obvious benefits. Compared with glass, these are some advantages of using acrylic.

  1. More clearer. Acrylic display riser is more transparent than glass and can transmit more light. Besides, it has advantages in making the product more visual. The acrylic stand also emits less reflective glare than glass, so products placed on shelves or risers will not exhibit optical distortion.
  2. Stronger. The acrylic stand may not look as strong as glass, but it can withstand more severe impacts and has a better load-carrying capacity than a glass of similar thickness.
  3. Safer. Acrylic rack does not crack. It has an extremely high resistance to damage, but if the worst happens, it will break or bend instead of breaking into pieces, which may cause harm to people.
  4. More Lighter. Acrylic material is a strong material but weighs less. That makes it very convenient in assembly and transportation. The display can be easily mounted on the wall, and the weight is reduced, so the transportation cost is lower. For retailers who are concerned that the display may be light enough to be lifted from the counter, the optional base can be used to secure it in place.

Ant Display is a leading manufacturer and supplier of customized acrylic display risers and shop furniture in Shenzhen. We have our own production line and production workshop. In our company, there is a first-class design team to provide customers with a unique store design. The highly skilled workers in the workshop pay more attention to quality and production details. If you have any questions, please tell our sales team, they will provide you with a one-stop service. Since its establishment in 2002, we have many loyal old customers, and you can see the products we produce in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia.