Orange Mall Makeup Kiosk Small Functional Cosmetic Kiosk Retail Counter

Orange Mall Makeup Kiosk Small Functional Cosmetic Kiosk Retail Counter

Cosmetic kiosk

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Special Style Cosmetic Kiosk High-end Mall Makeup Kiosk Design

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Nowadays, makeup and cosmetic are the most popular things for the women, because which can make them beautiful. So now not only there are the makeup shops but also some booths in the mall. The makeup kiosks in the mall offer the services to the customers. When the women have the appointments or some parties, they can go to the kiosk for getting a beautiful and delicate makeup.

The design of the cosmetic kiosk

This kiosk area size is 4*3m. There are many different shapes of the counters combining together as a big cosmetic kiosk. So special the whole kiosk is! About the right part, the one corner is the L shape counter. The posters are on the L shape counter, and one light box is at the board to show the product picture. The light stripes are around its shape. The cosmetics can be put on the counter. Another corner is the C shape sofa, it is very special design, because there is one small round table is designed in the middle with the small mirror, customers can sit here. The C SHAPE sofa with the lights too.

Two different shape design counters are in the kiosk middle. The cosmetic can be displayed on them. About the left side part, one small glass showcase with shelves and the logo at the top. The middle one is the big counter with the shelves, drawers and mirrors, people can try some samples and see the effects from the mirrors. Then another corner is the L shape counter design with a baffle too. All counters with many cabinets, which can storage. The posters are designed on the kiosk.

The material is the MDF, and baking paint is the white. Our baking paint with 5 steps artwork, and make the best in the industry. We can customize the style, size and material according to your needs.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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