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Special Multi-function Sunglasses Display Shelf Solid Wood Glass Display Racks Design

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In the glasses shop decoration, each shop will have a general idea, the designer according to the situation to design a scheme, which in the display case design is based on the theme of the shop and the idea of the owner needs to design, glasses display case is not blind design, must highlight the personality and connotation of the display cabinet.

Description of the sunglasses display shelf

This type sunglasses display shelves can be made of the solid wood and MDF with baking paint. The sunglasses display shelf can be 4 sides, 5 sides, 6 sides etc, how many sides you want is okay, which depend on your needs. There are many styles can be customized and chosen, and the style is very delicate. About the bottom cabinet, it is with the universal wheels and it is very easy for you to move it to any place. The cabinet can be storage many sunglasses or other things you want.

There are many functions of the sunglasses display shelf. The display shelf can display many different sunglasses, and it can be turned, which is very convenient for people to choose the sunglasses type. In addition, it can let people can see the difference of those sunglasses, and they can see which one is special and try it.


Bottom locker

Simple and generous design wood texture highlights the texture of a plain natural style

Convertible tray.

The design is novel and unique, simple and generous, steady and firm, and it is more convenient to rotate freely.

Glasses hook

Portability does not take up space, seemingly simple, the capacity is very large, easy to display glasses

If you are plan to open a sunglasses shop, please contact us to make the 3D interior design with shop display cabinets, shelves and logo sign, and furniture and so on.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials solid wood
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