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Solid wood veneer phone case display kiosk mobile phone display case used in shopping mall

  1. this mobile phone display kiosk is very functional 
  2. Solid wood veneer is very nice and high-end
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With the widespread use of mobile phones, people's demand for mobile phone accessories and mobile phone repairs is also increasing. Many people choose to open a phone kiosk in the mall to do business.


mobile phone display kiosk

A mall usually will have several phone display kiosks, how to make your kiosk attractive and functional is very important.

phone accessories kiosk

Today I want to share with you a wood veneer phone repair booth. We already did 3 sets of this kind of phone kiosk for an Australian customer. This phone kiosk used brow wood color-matched white. Solid wood veneer matched glossy white, makes this kiosk looks very modern and special. This phone kiosk is also very functional, it comes with many glass showcases to display mobile phones and accessories. It back has a repair table, workers can repair the phone there. This phone kiosk designed followed its brand style, used the same brown color and wood stripes.

phone display case

Quick details

  1. Size:5m by 3m(accept customize)
  2. Color: brown wood color and white
  3. Toe kicker: stainless steel
  4. Glass: 8mm Ultra-white glass
  5. Logo: illuminated acrylic logo
  6. Lights: 5000K white led light strip
  7. Production time: 22-25 workdays after received deposit


The production photos

phone case display cabinet

We will make the whole kiosk with inside counters, showcases, signs, logos, lights, hardware. Only machines we don’t supply. Before loading the kiosk we will finish all assemble. Before pack, we will connect electricity, take photos and videos send you a check.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood
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