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Grey Color Cell Phone Display Kiosk | Laptop Showcase In the USA Shopping Mall

Modern Design For Mall Cellphone Accessories Kiosk | Mobile Phone Case Stand

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Cellphone accessories are very popular products. In the shopping mall, we can see many beautiful phone accessories display kiosks. According to the mall location and owner’s requirements, we can see a lot of different style kiosks in the mall. The cellphone is a smart product, and the kiosk that displays phone accessories is generally very modern. Today I want to introduce is a glass cellphone accessories kiosk.

cellphone display satnd


Size: 6x3m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Others: Lightbox, advertising player


The main display of this kind of mobile phone accessories is the glass display, and the white shelf is placed in the glass cabinet. The addition of this white frame also makes the whole kiosk look very beautiful. Each cabinet is divided into 3 layers. The inner top of the glass cabinet is equipped with a light strip. The glass is translucent, so the whole cabinet is very bright.

In addition to display cabinets, this kiosk also has many common sign pylons. Almost all kiosks have this sign of pylon. We can install a lightbox, advertising players, and logos on it. The height is generally around 1.8-2m.

Production Pictures

mobile phone kiosk

mobile phone accessories kiosk

smartphone kiosk

Kiosk Install

This kiosk is made up of many separate cabinets. When you receive the goods, you only need to place the separate cabinets in the designed position and connect the joints between them. After all, connections are made, the last main wire is left and connected to the power supply of the mall.

Kiosk Usage Diagram

Kiosk Order Process

Design: Our kiosk design fee is 300$. If you want to build a kiosk, you can tell me what size you need and your requirements. We can make a kiosk design first. Our design allows modification, the design time is about 2 working days.

Production: When we get the mall approval and receive a 50% deposit. We will start production. The production time is about 28 working days.

More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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