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Simulation Outdoor Lollipop Sculpture Decoration Candy Store Model Display

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Some brightly colored and oddly shaped things are more attractive. Our impression of sweets is that they are colorful and very pretty. If we want to open a candy store, we definitely want to have something that represents our product, something that can be displayed outdoors, and have the shape of a candy, people can touch it and take pictures with it. And through this thing, people can see at a glance what we do.It is candy-shaped ornament.

We all know that the shape of many candies is also very special, they can be various shapes, such as hearts, animels or balloons. What I want to introduce today is outdoor decorations in the image of candy and balloons.

candy ornament

Style & Size

candy shop decoration

ballon stand

sweet decoration

candy model

Product Display

retail stand

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Environments Protection Material

This material is very strong, rain and sun pretection, it can be placed in outdoor places.

Car Paint

The surface is painted by car spray paint, with bright colors, waterproof and not easy to fade.

Iron Fixed

Reserce angle iron at the bottom of the product and use steel nail or expansion screws to fix it on the ground.

fiberglass decoration

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Fiberglass
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