Simple Clothes Display Racks Modern Clothing Display Shelf Design

Simple Clothes Display Racks Modern Clothing Display Shelf Design

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Simple Clothes Display Racks Clothes Shop Customized Display Shelf

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The role of the clothing rack is mainly to arrange the clothes in the store in an orderly way, pass the clothing information to customers in the fastest and most intuitive way, stimulate the desire of customers to buy, not only can improve the decoration taste of the clothing store, but also can bloom the charm of clothing style.

Description of the clothes racks

This big display clothes rack style is very modern and simple. The material of the clothing rack is black stainless steel and some wood layers. The clothes rack is enough big and tall to display many clothes. The accessories such as hats, shoes, bags and other decoration can be displayed on the wood layers. The clothing rack can be taken good use well. It can show many things to customers to choose. When they choose the clothes they like, they can also select the accessories together when they could see.

What should be paid attention to when placing the clothing rack:

1, color

If the clothing itself is very bright, it is recommended to choose light color clothing, of course, if the clothing is light color, it can be considered with dark clothing rack, clothing rack and clothing special color to play a role of foil each other.

2, light

Dress is displayed on dress wear, need sufficient light, lamplight had better be close to natural light, such ability does not affect the color of clothing, it is to find a place for lamplight in dress wear, commodity cabinet commonly above and inside each corner such as inside, in order to ensure the clarity of dress.

To make a good design racks to match the clothes shop style is important, because for the whole shop interior design, everything should be the same hue and similar style to show to people.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Stainless Steel
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