Simple Clothes Display Racks Clothes Shop Customized Display Shelf

Simple Clothes Display Racks Clothes Shop Customized Display Shelf

Simple Clothes Display Racks Modern Clothing Display Shelf Design

The racks with many shapes, which can be customeized.

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The clothing display racks are the most important part for a clothes shop or homes, especially for the girls. If you own a clothes shop, it is necessary to prepare many clothes racks to display the beautiful clothes. Now I will introduce one for you.

Description of the clothes rack

This is trapezoidal shelf, its size is 150*50*155cm, and the style is simple and modern. The top and the bottom are the white baking paint boards. The top can hold some accessories, such as hats, bags and others. And the bottom part can hold the books, small green plants etc, which is as the decoration. Then other part of the rack is the wood material. There is the frame under the top to hang many clothes for customers to choose the clothes they like.

The shelf is durable, corrosion and dirt resistant, beautiful and reliable, easy to clean. Frame is simple, concise line, it is the Nordic style of pure and fresh bright lens. This type clothes display racks can be customized many shapes and to put them in a shop. The racks is very functional and can show many types clothes to customers.

Clothing display rack in order to display goods, generally do not use fresh colors, so as not to distract from the guests. But the color relationship between the commodity display rack and the commodity must take into account the usual color function. Such as brightly colored goods, the color of the display rack to gray; For light-colored goods, the display shelf should be dark in color; Dark goods, display shelf color should be light. The collocation of display rack and commodity color is to play a foil role as the background color.

We can offer you the 3D design about the clothes interior design with racks, and produce them for you to make a decoration of the shop. Different style shops with different display racks style, you can tell us about your favorite styles then we can offer you the design. The material, style and size can be customized.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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