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Showroom Smart Digital Cabinet | Creative Technology Product Display Stand

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When we visit the science and technology museum or the electronics exhibition hall, we can see some stands. They have many shapes and they all look very simple but beautiful. Many stands will install some light bars, which can make the whole stand look more beautiful and technological. 

They can be used in the exhibition hall, but also suitable for use in the electronic product shop. Some are table-packed, and some are cylindrical or rectangular. Generally, the color of this kind of booth is mostly white or wood. White can more clearly show the products we show. Generally, the purpose of display in the exhibition hall is to attract people's eyes. The effect of this kind of display plus lighting is very modern and attractive.

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Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: the LED acrylic light strip

The above picture shows pictures of many stands, you can choose the product that suits you. If you need to modify the size or color. You can tell us your requirements, we are a customized company, these display stands can also be customized. 

We have our own factory, and all products are made in our factory. Our production is strictly in accordance with the design drawings and construction drawings. The surface treatment is bright baking lacquer, and the surface of the cabinet made of bright baking lacquer is very smooth.

Packaging & Shipment

After the production is completed, we will take a photo for you to confirm, and then start packaging. Our main packaging materials are pearl cotton, stretch film, foam board, and a wooden box. The booth itself will be wrapped and then packed into wooden boxes.

We will also help you transport to your nearest port or designated location. The freight depends on the volume of the goods and the destination of transportation. We ship by sea, and the goods are packed in containers. When it arrives at the port, a staff member will notify you to pick up the goods. We need to complete customs clearance before we can pick up the goods. We will also send you the materials needed for customs clearance.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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