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No matter in which country, there have some famous candy brands. They develop and sell many types of candy. This brand generally has many branches. In addition to physical stores, they also choose to carry out their business in malls. In addition to shops, there are many kiosks in the mall. What I'm going to introduce today is a colorful candy kiosk that sells branded candies.

candy kiosk

Kiosk information

Size: 3x2m

Material: MDF with baking paint

Color: Can be customized

Logo: 3D luminous acrylic logo

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Light: LED light strip

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Others: Sticker, PVC card

candy kiosk

We can see that this kiosk is composed of several cabinets of different colors and styles. And different cabinets can display different types of candies. Since we mainly sell packaged candies and not in bulk, so we don’t need candy bins. In consideration of safety, each cabinet is set with glass doors, or a storage cabinet is set inside. This will transfer the candies and close them when we close at night.

candy kiosk

This brand has its brand theme, we can see they have some cartoon cards on the kiosk. It can show our product’s theme. And we can also set up the cabinet color according to our product color. It will look more beautiful and professional.

candy stand

If you want to show your brand well, you can send us your logo or brand poster. We can add them to the kiosk. And candy is colorful, so the kiosk color can be used the same. Our paint color is very beautiful and glossy. They can help you to bring more customers.

Ant Display Kiosk

Ant Display is a mall kiosk manufacturer. We support to design and custom of the kiosk style, size, and color according to your brand theme or your requirements. So if you want to build a kiosk in the shop, you can send us your logo and your idea, or your website. So we can know what is your copmpany concept. It can help us to design the kiosk more accurately. All our products are customized so that they can meet all your requirements well.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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