Practical Medicine Display Rack

Practical Medicine Display Rack Pharmacy Pullout Trayshelf RX Drugstore Dispensary Pullout Rack

RX Dispensary Pullout Tray Shelf Pharmacy Medical Display Metal Shelf Drugstore Display Fixture

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Although the COVID-19 epidemic is not as severe as before, the prevention and control of it are gradually becoming normal. But we still have to do a good job of protecting and prepare enough medicine just in case. If you are planning to open a pharmacy now, this medicine tray shelf is perfect for you.

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In the eyes of ordinary people, this product has very little contact. But it is indispensable and important display furniture in pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. Small shapes have great uses. It can be used to display medicines, store medicines, and more importantly, it is convenient for doctors and nurses to classify medicines.

Several Layers

As we all know, there are many categories of medicines, and it is easy to make mistakes if you are not careful. We have designed many layers for you, and there are many small compartments in each layer, allowing you to distinguish quickly.

Pullout Tray


Besides this, the biggest highlight is that each layer can be pulled out and can be the adjustable suitable height you want. It is very convenient for you to use.

Main Material

This tray shelf usually will be made of stainless steel or other you want to use metal material. The track of the pallet uses a high resistance guide rail, with spacers. It is very smooth to pullout.

Production Photos

Here are some production photos for your reference.

                                      product photoproduction photo

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials stainless steel
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