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Pharmacy Dispensary Rack RX Display Pullout Trayshelf Medicine Store Fixtures

Practical Medicine Display Rack Pharmacy Pullout Trayshelf RX Drugstore Dispensary Pullout Rack

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The medicine rack is an indispensable piece of equipment in the hospital or clinic. A variety of medicine racks have their unique functions, not only for storing medicines but also for displaying all kinds of medicines. It can even help doctors and nurses to distinguish medicines, effectively increasing the speed at which hospitals can take medicines.


Product Details


We know that nurses can't take the medicine from the medicine rack for too long, because patients don't have enough time to wait. Therefore, when designing this kind of medicine shelves, we must ensure that the medicines are not hindered in the fast-moving process when taking them, saving time. Therefore, we have made a design that can pull out the shelf, and you can pull out the layer you need with a single pull, saving time and effort.


At the same time, medicines should also be classified accurately. Because there are so many kinds of medicines, the consequences will be very serious if they are mistaken. Ordinary medicine racks are only classified into each layer, and each layer is not refined but can be divided into multiple small grids. The medicine rack we designed is different from the previous ones. Not only can each layer be pulled, but there are also many small cabinets inside, which are convenient for you to classify and place your medicines.

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Material Introduction

This medicine display rack is made of acrylic and metal structure. Combines the advantages of the two materials. The main outer frame of the medicine rack is made of metal, which is strong and firm and has good load-bearing performance. Each drawer is made of acrylic, which is light and durable.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Acrylic
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