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Round Jewelry Display Cabinet Special-shaped Display Counter & Arc Jewelry Display Cabinet

Round Jewelry Display Cabinet Special-shaped Display Counter & Arc Jewelry Display Cabinet

Round shape stainless steel jewelry display showcase with led strip lights

Golden stainless steel jewelry display showcase

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If you want to open a jewelry store, the jewelry display showcase is very important for your business. The jewelry display cabinet should be suitable for your jewelry shop. It needs to design according to your shop decoration. You can choose the style on Ant display or we can customize a new one for you.

According to the current social situation, jewelry stores must be eye-catching and bring greater economic benefits to themselves. In addition to the strong strength of the enterprise, the decoration of the jewelry store must be unconventional and unique.

Therefore, when jewelry merchants open stores, they will find professional designers to design storefronts, jewelry showcases, prop design, etc. So, how can jewelry display cabinets make customers more satisfied? Below we will talk about our views based on years of experience in designing and producing jewelry display cabinets.


The design of the jewelry display cabinet

The jewelry display cabinet must be high-end and exquisite. Jewelry is luxury, and noble and gorgeous. As a foil for jewelry, jewelry display cabinets must also be high-end, exquisite and gorgeous, but it is worth noting that jewelry display cabinets cannot be overwhelming. Our designers of Shenzhen showcase factory have done a good job at this point, adopting primary and secondary, high and low points in the matching of jewelry display cabinets and jewelry.

For example the design of this jewelry display showcase, it is very luxury and high-end. This kind of jewelry display showcases better to use in the middle of the jewelry shop. Because the round shape design, the customer can see your jewelry products 360 degrees.


The size of round shape jewelry display showcase

For the size of the jewelry display showcase, we can customize as your need. The diameter is about 1m of this jewelry display cabinet. You can choose the size you want and let us know to make a new one for you.


The material of the jewelry display showcase

The material and material color matching of the jewelry display cabinet should be reasonable. The most commonly used materials for jewelry display cabinets are wood paint, stainless steel, glass paint, etc. You can make jewelry display cabinets with a single material or a combination of multiple materials. Stainless steel display cabinets look high-end and fashionable but expensive. Although the price of wood-painted display cabinets is lower, its grade is still not much worse than stainless steel. This also mainly depends on the designer's design, material matching and color matching effect.

The material of this round shape jewelry display cabinet is gold color stainless steel. On the top of the glass we install a circle of the led strip light. Stainless steel material for the jewelry display cabinet is very high-end and of good quality.


How to order a jewelry display showcase?

You can contact us and let us know the quantity and if you want other colors or other sizes, we can customize it for you. Then we will send the invoice to you. We accept bank transfer, western union, money gram or Alibaba online pay.


How about the shipping of the jewelry display showcase?

After we receive the balance of the jewelry display cabinet, we will arrange the shipping for you. Please let us know the nearest destination port from you. And then we will check the shipping cost for the jewelry store display showcase and get back to you for reference.

If you have your shipping agent in China, you can give their contact way to us. We will contact them to arrange the shipping for you.

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Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Stainless steel
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