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cosmetic display stand

Pink Baking Paint Cosmetic Shelving Makeup Display Cabinet in the Store

Pink & White Cosmetic Display Stand Makeup Counter for Sale

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Cosmetic display cabinets are often used in cosmetic shops and shopping malls. Today I want to introduce to you a pink and white cosmetic display cabinet.

Description of the Display Stand

The cosmetic display stand includes the logo, display area, and storage. The top of the display stand has signed to display these to customers. You can put the poster that shows all of your the kinds of the product. The middle part is the display area which includes the wall display area and countertop display area. In order to make the whole display stand more unique, we add the curve board to separate the cosmetic product. The bottom of the display stand is a cabinet to store the goods.

Production Process

The whole production process includes 4 steps. Firstly, we need to cut the wooden board, then assemble these wooden boards into the wooden cabinet according to the wooden cabinet. The second step is to polish the surface of the wooden cabinet to make the surface more smooth. The third is to do the 4 primers and 2 baking paints. We will do the 4 white primers firstly. After that, we can do the baking paint with white and pink color. The final step is to installation which installs the accessories, logo, lock, cabinet, and so on.


The package includes the outer package and interior package. In the interior package, we use EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display stand. And use film to fix the EPE foam. We need to use the wooden box which is made of MDF. Then put the interior package into the wooden cabinet.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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