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Fancy sunglasses display booth sunglasses display shelves used in shopping mall

New Style Sunglasses Stand | Unique Mall Commercial kiosk To The UK

New Style Sunglasses Stand | Unique Mall Commercial kiosk To The UK

Outdoor sunglasses display kiosk | high quality glasses working counter

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Welcome to our website, today I want to introduce to you is a kiosk suitable for outdoor use. We all know that glasses play a very important role in our daily lives. We can use it to correct our nearsightedness or presbyopia. Sunglasses can help us block the strong sunlight and give us a good sight. Sunglasses are very important for drivers. Everyone who drives should need a pair of sunglasses. 

The advantage of outdoor kiosk compared to shops is that it is cheap and does not require decoration. We can also choose a good location and place our outdoor kiosks in crowded places. When we go out shopping, we can often see all kinds of outdoor kiosks on the street, they can sell anything. If people passing by are interested in your product, they will choose to buy it.

Outdoor sunglasses display kiosk

Size: 3x2m

Basic material: Iron frame, aluminum-plastic panel, tempered glass

Surface finish: Metal paint

Production time: About 28 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

The material of the outdoor kiosk is different from the material of the shopping mall kiosk. The material of the outdoor kiosk will be more sturdy steel, rainproof, and anti-exposure. The surface treatment is metal baking varnish, which is the same as the surface baking varnish of our car. Since the size of our kiosk and the size of the container are inconsistent, we must divide this cabinet into several parts. Our top is detachable. This kiosk is roughly divided into 5 cabinets.

Kiosk Description

From the design drawing, we can see that the wall is a glass wall and there are some glass laminates on the wall. Our glasses are displayed here. Customers can see our products directly from the outside. In addition to the glass shelf on display, we also have a workbench. We can customize the glasses that customers like here. From the outside, our kiosk has our logo on the top of all four sides, as well as lightbox paintings for decoration. These decorations can make our kiosk more beautiful and develop our brand. 

Kiosk Assemble

When the goods are finished, we can give you an installation drawing. You can follow the installation instructions to assemble our kiosk. Since the top part will be heavier, we have to be careful when installing it. It is best to find a professional person to install it. If you don't want to disassemble the kiosk, the height of our kiosk can be controlled at around 2.2m.

Kiosk Packaging

The packaging method of each of our cabinets is the same. We will put pearl cotton on the edge of the cabinet, and wrap our cabinet with stretch film, which is the inner packaging. Our outer packaging is a wooden box, and the inside of the wooden box is a foam board. All cabinets are packed in wooden boxes. Very safe and firm.


When the goods are completed, we will order the ship and deliver the goods to your designated port or address. We will arrange the materials for customs declaration and commodity inspection. When the goods arrive at the port, we will send you the materials needed for customs clearance and delivery. You can take these documents to pick up the goods.  

Ant Display Kiosk

We are a customized company, no matter what kind of kiosk you need, we can satisfy you. If you get a place in the mall, you can tell me what size you need, and our designer will design our kiosk according to your requirements and size. Our price depends on the material, size, and style of the kiosk. Before starting production, we need to make a design first. We can provide complete 3D design drawings and construction drawings. After you get the approval from the mall, we can start production. Our design fee is $300, and it will be returned to you when we place an order.

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Color orange
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Iron, Aluminum Plastic Panel
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