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No matter what kind of products we sell, the tools for selling products must be attractive enough for us to have more customers. Sunglasses are originally a very fashionable product, and they also have a very practical function in life, which is to help us block ultraviolet rays. In addition, it is used as our decoration most of the time. Almost every shopping mall has a kiosk selling sunglasses. What I want to introduce to you today is the new style of sunglasses kiosk.

Sunglasses Kiosk Details

This design is made according to the requirements of our customers. The main colors are black and yellow. There are two work tables inside, one for the machine and the other for the cashier on the left. The surrounding walls are display cabinets. They have different shapes and ways of display. This can make the kiosk more diversified and have a sense of design. Since one side of it is close to the glass wall, we don't make a display cabinet and put a logo on it. In this way, customers on the outside can also see our brand.

We install mirrors on the front and sides of the display cabinet on the front of the kiosk. The mirrors are surrounded by light strips. Our customers will have a better experience when trying on sunglasses.

Inside the display, the cabinet is some storage drawers or cabinets. If we have the right glasses or packaging boxes, we can put them in the cabinet.



Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Light: LED light

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Others: Mirror, sticker, acrylic logo, lock, key

Kiosk production

Our production is done strictly in accordance with the design drawings. It has four steps. Making wooden cabinets, polishing, baking paint, and installing. Each step is carried out by different workers. Their experience is very rich. We pay more attention to details, every step will be carefully checked.

After the customer chooses the color of the paint, we will start spraying. Then install the accessories and assemble the kiosk. We will install glass, lights, sockets, mirrors, and stickers, etc. After all, is completed, we will test the circuit and take a video to the customer. Make sure there are no problems before shipping.

Kiosk Assemble

Our assemble is very easy, We can do it ourselves. When you receiving the goods, you can place the separate cabinets according to the position of the design drawing. Then connect the connector between them. After all the connections are completed, we will have the main wire connecting the mall, just connect it to the mall. After the production is completed, we will send you the video.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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