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High-end Ice Cream Booth Ice Cream Counter & Ice Cream Kiosk for Sale

Flowing Chocolate Decoration for Mall Ice Cream Kiosk Counter

Flowing Chocolate Decoration for Mall Ice Cream Kiosk Counter

Most Popular Yougurt Ice Cream Display Stand To Romania Shopping Mall

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Kiosk Information

Size: 10x10ft / 3x3m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Glossy baking paint, laminate

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic

Decoration: Artificial plant, lightbox

Light: LED light strip

Color: White, green, wood

Others: Hardware, sink, sockets, etc

Kiosk 3D Design

ice cream stand

This kiosk size is 3x3m, it is a normal size. What it sells is ice cream and yogurt, they are a very delicious and popular food. And we can see most shopping malls all have ice cream kiosks. This kiosk’s main color is white and green, and the front with some decoration of artificial plants. Its theme is green and environmental protection.

ice cream kiosk design

Its layout is simple, we can see the kiosk front is some topping display, and we can put some different flavors here. On the left side and the back side is a working table. We can put our machines on it, and install a hand sink. Below are storage cabinets, so we can put some tools or raw materials in the cabinet.

ice cream display kiosk

The kiosk's back side also has plant decorations and 3 lightboxes. We can put our product pictures on it. So people can see our hot sale. The logo is one of the most important elements in the kiosk, so we have to create our own brand/ logo. The light at the base can make the whole kiosk seem to be in a suspended state, which can bring a good visual effect to our kiosk.

Factory Shoot

ice cream shop

yogurt stand

mall ice cream stand

The finish of our kiosk is glossy baking paint, it is very glossy. It can also be seen from our production map. Our construction is done exactly according to the design drawings, so you can get the exact same kiosk as the design drawings. 

Order Process

When you get a location in a mall, the first thing you need to do is design. This is also the requirement of the mall, we need to submit a kiosk that has our brand information and meets the requirements of the mall. The design is for review by the mall. In addition to viewing images, it is necessary to submit materials and size information to the mall. We are a factory specializing in shopping mall kiosk customization, so we can provide all the information about custom kiosks. The first step in starting a kiosk is to do a 3D design.

Design time: 3-4 working days

Design fee: 300$

Our designers will design a suitable kiosk according to your brand and business, when we confirm the final design, we can get an accurate price. When you send the design and details to the mall, if they have an opinion, we can modify the kiosk to meet their requirements. After being approved by the mall, we can start production.

Production time: 25-28 working days

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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