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Mobile Phone Display Stand & Slat Wall Display with Hook for Cell Phone Shop

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Mobile Phone Display & Phone Case Display Stand in Retail Store for Sale

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Mobile phones are often seen in our lives. We often see mobile phone shops. What I want you to introduce today is to take a look at the wood-grain color mobile phone display. The frame is an iron frame.

There are some different display showcases we have and you can choose one that you interested in.

Display Stand:

The display stand has 7 layers to add the hooks and display the phone accessories. Each hook can hang about 10 sets. The top of the display stand will have a logo to make people know the brand clearly. From the bottom of the logo, we will have the light strip to make the display stand light.

Wall Cabinet:

The wall cabinet will have 7 layers to add the hooks and can display many products. The frame of the display rack will have a metal frame. Wooden and metal frames will make the whole display more classical.


Display Shelf

The display shelf is 1200*340*2200mm. The wood board is fixed on the metal frame. Each gap of layers is 290mm, and there is enough space to display the stand.

Storage Cabinet:

You can see the display stand has two functions. One is to display the product, another one is to store the product. We can analyze from the top of the display stand to the bottom of the display stand. At the top, we add the logo or the name of the product. In the display area, we add the hooks to display the product. The bottom of the display stand is a cabinet and to store the goods.


The main material of these display stand is MDF, and the surface is veneer. There are many choices to choose the color that you interested in. The frame of the display stand is metal, the color is black.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF+Veneer
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