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Candy display stand

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With the development of society, there are more and more candy shops. At the same time, the demand for Candy Stand has gradually increased. If you want to open a candy store, you can't miss Candy Stand. Today I will introduce MDF Candy Stand.

Candy Stand

MDF Candy Stand Details:

This MDF Candy Stand dividing into two floors, and each floor has four small spaces, which are separated Laminate, which makes good use of the display space. The skirting part is MDF material, which can prevent moisture. The overall structure is very intuitive, saving shop space.


The specific size as follows. And accept size customization.

Candy Stand

Main Material:

The material of this Candy Stand is MDF, and the surface is usually baking paint. Of course, if you want to use other materials, such as Plywood, we can also make it, and the surface will be Laminate/HPL.


Production Process:

Making a candy stand can be divided into three steps. The first step is cutting the wood board and then assemble it. The second step is to polish the surface to make it smooth. The third step is to make primer and baking varnish.

Package: Foam inside and wooden box outside


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF,Laminate,Acrylic etc.
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