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Bespoke Mobile Phone Retail Store In Mall For Phone Repair & Fix

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White Pop-up Mobile Phone Accessories Shop Kiosk W/ Repair Desk For Sale

Westfield Approved Cell Phone Repair Kiosk Design W/ Repair Desk & Retail Showcase

Unique Design Cell phone accessory kiosk design mobile phone booth for covers and cases.
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Cell phone retail is one of the most popular and profitable mall kiosks business in recent years. A large scale of business vendor chooses to open a cell phone-related business inside a shopping center. Either you can start a cell phone retail kiosk to cell new smartphones or you can open a cell phone repair kiosk to fix mobile phones. In most of the phone repair booth, there will be led lighted glass showcase to display cell phone accessories. such as cell phone covers & cases. tablet covers, or other cell phone gadgets.  

Custom Cell Phone Kiosk For Sale

Ant Display is a leading mall kiosk manufacturer in China to help clients build customized cell phone kiosks. From different dimensions to a large variety of color options. We can bespoke the phone kiosk exactly following your request. What most important is, Ant display offers the best kiosk price to our clients with a high quality finished kiosks. Besides cell phone booths, we also fabricated food kiosks for the mall, especially the food court and concession stands. If you are looking for more information about the food kiosk counter. Please visit>>> Food Kiosk.

Product Name
Hot sale mobile phone kiosk design 
Brand Name
Ant Display 
customized according to request
plywood, MDF, panel wood, SUS stainless or iron metal, tempered safety glass, clear and mil acrylic. solid wood, Corian stone and etc..
using Place
Shopping mall,
Trading center,
Cell Phone Retail store, Smartphone Showroom, etc
15-25 days after deposit payment
Form of Sale
Factory direct sale price .(EXW TERMS)
OVER 17 years
More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Plywood
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