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Lollipop display stand for the customize candy shop

Lollipop display stand for the candy shop

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Lollipop display stand 

Are you planning to open a candy shop? In Ant Display you can find the candy display showcase you want. We have a lot of styles of candy display stands. Most of them are colorful and beautiful. Welcome to order the display showcase to fill with your candy shop!

Today we want to introduce a display stand for the lollipop. For this kind of display stand, you can use it to display the lollipop in your candy shop. Let us show you some details of it.


Lollipop display stand description

If you sell the lollipop and need some display for it, this lollipop display stand will suit your candy shop. The size of the holes depends on the lollipop sticks. So you can measure your lollipop sticks and then get back to us. Because the display pillar is hexagonal, one row has 6 holes. The distance of the holes we can drill as your requirement.


The size of the lollipop display stand

The total height is 2m include the display pillar and the lollipop design on the top. And the height of the display pillar is 1.4m with 0.5m base. If you want to display more lollipops, we can make them higher and drill more holes on them.


The material of the lollipop display

We will use MDF to make the wooden body of the lollipop display. And the surface finish is blue color baking paint. For the candy graphic on the top is stickers.


The package of the lollipop display

For the package of the lollipop display, we will use foam inside and a wooden box outside.


How to order the lollipop display stand

If you want the exact same design and the same size as this lollipop display stand, you can order directly. The price on our website is only the factory price, not include the shipping cost. Because of different countries, the shipping cost will be different. Please feel free to contact us and let us know the nearest destination port from you, we will check the shipping cost for you.

We accept retail and wholesale, if you want a large quantity please contact us for a better price!


Customize candy store 3d design

If you don’t know how many quantities of the display showcase and what type of display stand suit your shop. Our design team can make a full 3d design of your candy shop. We can offer the candy store display showcase customize with your candy shop size. The customer send the floor plan of the whole candy shop. And then we will make a full 3d design for you.

We will make a new 3d shop model according to your candy shop size. And the interior decoration we can make as you like. Then we will put all the candy store furniture inside, for example, the cashier counter, the wall display cabinet, the lollipop display and other showcases.

When we put all of them in the 3d design, we can see clearly how many furniture we can fit in the shop. And what color, what type of showcase can fit your candy shop. If you open a big candy shop, this step is very important and necessary.






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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with baking paint
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