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New designed flexible hot dog cart mobile snack food trolley for sale

L shape Hot Dog Cart Design Mobile Fast Food Kiosk Stand Portable Cake Stand in Mall for Sale

Attractive L shape Hot dog cart design

Customized fast-food kiosk in the mall

High quality and easy installation

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Hot dogs and cake are popular food among people. Because they can drive away hunger and easy to buy when in a hurry. It is a good idea to open a hot dog cart as the first business. We can spend less money to run and get the return in a short time.

hot dog cart

Mobile hot dog cart introduction

This food kiosk is mainly used in the shopping center. I look like an L shape. One part has a display showcase machine to keep food warm. Another side is a working counter, people order meals here as it is facing to customers. The backside has lock cabinets and drawers. It is very safe to use even at night.

Color Decoration

The main color of the hot dog cart is light yellow color and white. There is delicious food surround the kiosk body, which attracts people passing by.

Brand logo show

This cart has a 3D luminous logo on a white background at the kiosk body. It is not only for decoration but also let people know our business better.

logo reference

Material information

We use MDF and backing paint to build the kiosk body. And Whitestone at the top to protect the wood body. Stickers at the surface for advertising. Mobile wheels are hidden under the hot dog cart for easy movement.

hot dog cart

Hot dog cart size

This hot dog cart fits for a location at 1.8m by 1.5m locations. The front counter with the brand logo is 120cm L, 60cm W, 100cm H. Counters for the display showcase area are 150cm L, 60cm W. Please measure the location size first, so that we can customize the kiosk cart matches well.

This hot dog cart is pack in two packages. It is better to deliver and save shipping freight. When receiving the cart, just put them together. It’s very easy.

More Information
Color yellow
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, stone, acrylic, stainless steel, etc.
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