Pillow Kiosk

Are you looking for a unique pillow kiosk design? The pillows make us sleep well at night. We use different kinds of pillows to adapt to different seasons and make us feel comfortable. Pillow has a large market, and starting a pillow kiosk is a good idea. The pillow kiosk is a place to show and sell various pillows. A pillow kiosk is also a good place for customers to learn more. Pillow-style showcases can be used as booths to showcase newly invented products and spread brand culture.

Ant Display integrates pillow kiosk design, production, and sales and has more than 18 years of experience in display cabinet customization. In Ant Display, you can find pillow kiosks, pillow display racks, pillow glass counters, booths, and mobile display cart styles. The display cabinets are popular because of their high-quality and professional designs. Since every people has different ideas, the pillow kiosk looks much different. Let’s view the pillow designs below and choose one as the basic design. Any new ideas allow adding to the pillow cabinet.

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There are many types of retail kiosks in shopping malls, and people can buy all kinds of goods in one place. In the pillow business, the most important thing is to rent a good location and buy an attractive pillow kiosk for business. Therefore, people understand your business well and to buy in your shop. If this is your first business, these tips may help start a pillow business.

How to open a pillow display shop in a mall

1. Find a location for business

It is necessary to have a size located in the mall. Customers enjoy service at a fixed location, and they can find you at any time. It can enhance the goodwill of our customers. A good place can also bring more potential clients and earn more money.  

2. Buy a unique pillow display cabinet

A Pillow display cabinet is where you provide services and sell products. The nice pillow display booth showcases the pillows in a good way. The pillow kiosk price is affordable, which depends on the pillow kiosk design and material to use. You can also send us a pillow kiosk design to check the cost.

3. Hire employees and develop marketing plans

It depends on the shop size to hire employees for a business. For those who start their first business, we recommend operating on their own to save costs. However, marketing plans are the key to success and get a quick return back. Commonly used promotional methods are gift coupons, discounts, group purchase prices, gifts, etc. Please choose a marketing promotion method that suits your business.

pillow kiosk design

Details of customized a pillow kiosk for sale

Customize pillow showcase booth has a unique size, color, style, and material chooses. Usually, it needs a professional 3D design before produce the pillow showcase. The 3D design creates according to unique ideas. Therefore, please tell the pillow kiosk manufacturer what you want. Then the designer will create pillow stand models according and make them better for usage. The owner only needs to check whether the pillow kiosk design is correct.

Produce is according to the confirmed drawing of pillow kiosk design. Workers make it step by step to make sure it meets the requirements. They focus on production details, which is to ensure good quality and strong body structures.

Styles of pillow kiosks in the mall

Here are many styles of pillow kiosks in a mall to fit different locations. They are in special materials need unique crafts. A pillow kiosk includes a display counter, lock drawer, cabinet, brand logo, cashier counter, etc.

Glass display cabinet

Glass display cabinets are to highlight pillows. It usually in a square shape at the countertop. So that people can view it directly. Another style is a display cabinet with multiple layers, which kind of pillow showcase has lock doors for security.

Wood pillow showcase

This kind of pillow showcase design has a wood laminate surface. It gives a feeling of environmental protection, green and pollution-free. The color of the pillow showcase depends on which kind of wood we use. You can choose a wood color from the color code.

Baking paint pillow display stand

The baking paint pillow display has a very brilliant and smooth effect. We can do it matte, high gloss, semi-matte effect. An experienced pillow booth manufacturer can help you make beautiful and practical pillow display stands in shopping malls

pillow cart kiosk design

Pillow cart kiosk

The pillow cart kiosk is a better small business idea. It is small in size and suitable for promotional activities and exhibitions. We can also add wheels at the bottom for the pillow cart kiosk is easy to move. Please contact and get your pillow cart kiosk design.

Stainless steel pillow counter

Stainless steel pillow counters mainly use 304 stainless steel as the material. It is painted in different colors to show pillows. It is stable to use and can easily install. We can also use shelves to place more kinds of pillows

What Guarantee you can get from Ant Display

Pillow kiosk quality assurance

It is not only production control but also a guarantee of quality and price. Providing good products, services, and quality is our top priority. We use the best materials in the making of pillow kiosks. And is committed to the research of pillow kiosk design to ensure that everyone can get the corresponding pillow kiosk design.

After-sales service assurance

We provide warm sales service from start order to ends. Whenever you have problems, the service team will help you solve them as quickly as possible. Our service time is 24 hours per day and seven days a week.

Online guide installation

All production and assembly work is complete in the factory. For better transportation, all counters are package individually. Before usage, only connect the wires is enough. At the same time, we will provide online guidance and send installation instructions