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A handbag kiosk is a good place for both men and women to buy beautiful handbags. Everyone wears different kinds of handbags to fit different occasions. Handbag is a brilliant market in the world, it’s very profitable to access to handbag field. The handbag kiosk mainly uses to display and sell all kinds of bags. It has a wallet showcase, bag display counter, handbag display rack, luggage showcase, etc. To create a wonderful cabinet, there are many materials to choose from. Such as wood timber, baking paint, soft leather, tempered glass, etc. Stainless steel and acrylic are always added as decoration.

There are many popular and classic handbag kiosk styles, they are built according to special ideas. Ant Display provides customize handbag display cabinet design and manufacture service. We choose good material to build the bag display counters, aiming to give people high-quality bag kiosks. Workers are highly trained and focus on product details. That is to make sure all bag stand is good enough to use. Whenever you need a retail mall kiosk. Please kindly check the below information to get new design ideas to fit the business.

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Many people start their first business by open a bag store, however, they spend a lot of time searching around and hoping to get full information about bag kiosks directly. Ant Display is a good place to sort out all details and help you to start a business. We have more than 18 years of experience in customizing kiosk fields. Our handbag kiosks are widely used in many countries in the world. Such as the USA, the UK, Australia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, etc. Just let us know which port near you, we can ship goods to you.

How to open a handbag kiosk in the mall?

bag kiosk

First step: Renting a location and sign a contract

A good location is the beginning of a retail business. It brings us more eye’s attention and wins more clients. Business work is only allowed in the leased area. It’s better to know mall rules first and build kiosk following rules helps start bog business.

Second step: Order a customize handbag showcase design

Buying a suitable handbag showcase is good for business. People first see the handbag kiosk with products, when they like the bags, they will hold the step and purchase. Here are two points that help you get a wonderful kiosk.

Design part

Sorting out handbag showcase requirements makes sure to get the ideal design. Designers create new kiosk designs according to the design drawing. Brand logo, kiosk color, size, the material effect is shown directly in the drawing for approval

Produce part

Production is complete step by step according to the confirmed design. Build wood body--make surface treatment--install wires and cabinet door--add brand logo and posters. Produce process is to take photos to record them for confirmation. The main material includes MDF or Plywood, laminate or baking paint, and even soft leather. Other materials include tempered glass with light lamp, stainless steel kicking for protection, acrylic brand name with luminous, hardware, etc.

Third step: Install the bag cabinet

When receiving the goods, but all the counters in the correct direction. Then connect wires between each counter. When reaching the power supply, the bag kiosk works correctly.

Final step: Place the bags and start a business

Place the bags and other products in the kiosk and can open. This bag kiosk has a glass cabinet for the showcase. It can also lock well at night for protects.

Types of customizing bag display cabinet

Wallet Showcase

Mainly use to showcase small wallets, purchases, shoulder bags, etc. The notification will be placed in a compartment on the desktop so that the wallet looks layered.

Backpack display counter

The Hole board and aluminum channel board display cabinet are good to hang bags. Stairs style display counter also show backpack well.

Handbag display counter

There are many types of handbags. We can choose many types of displays for him. For example, display counter, display rack for a shoulder bag, and 3 layers display shelf.

How long to manufacture a handbag display showcase?

Manufacture time is a very important thing that many people care about. Here I want to share some information for reference. For those who have a confirmed handbag booth design to produce. A 3m by 3m bag showcase takes 25-28 working days to manufacture. For preparing a new business, we recommend leaving 1-2 months. Because confirm the kiosk design needs time. Besides, the landlord also needs time to review designs. The best way is to leave more free time to prepare it.

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Advantages to buying bag counter from Ant Display

>Professional design

We provide professional 3D design according to special requirements. Any new ideas are allowed to add the handbag kiosk design to make it looks better.

>Production protection

We manage the production of bag display showcases by coordinating, directing, and overseeing in the factory. Workers concentrate on the details during production, and we can control production time and update every step.

>Quality assurance

Our team from process quality control to factory inspection. Each step is strictly by the regulations to ensure quality.

>After-sale service

The sales team is very professional and provides good ideas for each handbag showcase decoration. Whenever you have questions, they will help you solve them. Service time is 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

>Fast Delivery

From order to shipping, we provide the fastest delivery. Once the goods are complete, it has to be ship out immediately.

Installation details

For customized display cabinets, many people have questions about the installation. But in Ant Display, you don’t have to worried about the installation. Because all the kiosk steps are complete the workshop. And it is installed is also complete in our factory. For better delivery, each counter is packed individually with wood boxes. Counter numbers will note on the surface to distinguish them. When receiving the goods, just put them in the location and connect them in order.