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Gifts are items that people give to each other in order to express blessings and heartfelt wishes. It is also used to celebrate holidays or important days. Nowadays, people’s sense of ritual is getting stronger and stronger, and more and more people choose to buy gifts to express their wishes. So more and more people choose to do gift business. If you are just starting, you can choose to do one retail gift merchandising unit or gift display cart; if you have enough funds, can do a gift display kiosk to do the business.

The gift kiosk usually needs to have these parts: gift display shelves or showcases to show gifts, storage cabinets to store gifts, cash counter, logo sign, and advertising posters. It need be very nice also need be very functional. Ant display limited is a supplier that specializes in making customized gift display kiosks, gift display cart, and stands. No matter you want a high-end style or the same style or a unique style, we all can customize it for you. We have our experienced factory in making customized mall kiosks 12 years, can give you perfect work. And we have a professional design team, can help design the kiosk in any style you want. Browse our category you will find different kinds of gift kiosks, toy display stand or cart, you will find your ideal gift kiosk.

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There 5 main reasons that you should buy the gift display kiosk from Ant Display.

  1. We already did many mall kiosks used in different countries, we know the mall’s requirements and city standard of different countries. So we will follow your side requirements to design and build the kiosk.
  2. We have a professional design team, we can help create high-end gift kiosk design as your needs
  3. More than 200 experienced workers and a strict quality control team to ensure give you good work and quality
  4. Direct factory, strict selection of materials, dedicated to giving you the best price and best quality
  5. The responsible sales team is online 24 hours a day to give you the best service.
  6. We provide a complete transportation service, all your goods can be shipped to our factory and transported together, helping you save transportation costs and time.


Which kiosk types can you choose to do gift business?

  1. Retail gift kioskgift display kiosk

  A retail gift kiosk is a standard kiosk used to display and sell gifts. It usually comes with enough display and storage area, comes with obvious logo sign and light boxes.

  1. Gift display stand

If you have a very small budget and space, you can choose to do one or several gift display stands. It is just a small stand with shelves or hooks to display gifts.

  1. Gift display cart

The gift display cart has wheels, and its size is small. It is not heavy, so you can push it easily. You can move it to different places very flexible. It is very suitable for those customers who need always change places.

  1. Gift RMU KIOSK

Gift RMU kiosks are kind of kiosks of different sizes and shapes used in shopping malls. The d difference between it and the mall kiosk is that the inside of the RMU kiosk is closed, and there is no space for the staff to stand inside. The staff needs to stand outside the kiosk, and its display is all around the whole kiosk. Its size is usually smaller than mall display kiosks.

gift display cart

How to open a gift kiosk in a shopping mall?

Before you start the gift kiosk business, you need to consider what preparations and steps are needed. Here are some steps to give you a guide.

1.Find a good location in the mall.

To start the gift kiosk business, firstly you need to meet mall management, discussing with them to get a lease.

2.Submit design plans and drawing for mall approval.

You need to find a professional design company to help you create the 3D design and construction drawing. You can tell them your needs, like need what size, what color, how to layout, how to design.

3.Find an experienced customize kiosk factory to help you build the kiosk

After the design plan gets approval, you need to find and inspect, find a high-quality supplier to help you make this gift kiosk. The quality and service of this manufacturer are very important.

4.Find the gifts suppliers to order the gifts

You need to think about what kind of gifts are popular, then confirm want to sell what kind of gifts. You need to search to find good suppliers to order the gifts.

5.Order your machines

Check what machines you need, like a cash register, laptop, or other machines then order them for preparation.

6.Install the gift kiosk and start your business

After you received the kiosk you can follow the guideline to assemble the kiosk. Then can put the gifts on kiosk to start the business.


When you plan to open a gift retail business in the mall and looking for a high-end, attractive retail gift display kiosk design, welcome to Ant display! We can help build the kiosk with the most favorable price and quality work.