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Are you going to open a book kiosk in the shopping center? Book kiosks mainly use to showcase and sell books. Books shop has many styles, includes books shelving, book display counter, wall stand, mobile book cart, exhibition booth, etc. The bookstand is made of a variety of materials to meet unique visual effects. The main materials include MDF and Plywood. Surface materials include baking paint, laminate, wood, veneer, tile, stone. Book kiosk usually has posters and logos in the front of book display counter to impress people. Before starting the book business, please customize a wonderful book kiosk

It’s very important to find an experienced book kiosk manufacturer to build it. The professional design and sturdy structure of the book stand is the key to success. Ant Display has an excellent design team to create book booth designs and high-skilled workers to build high-quality book counters. We can also control the production process and provide fast delivery time. Customer service includes design, production, shipping and after-sales service. There are many useful and unique book kiosk designs to choose from. No matter how unique your idea is, you will find a good book kiosk solution in Ant Display.

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book shelfOpening a book kiosk in a shopping mall is a good small business idea. People like to read books and newspapers in their spare time. For example, they read books while waiting for the bus, taking the subway, or even during lunch breaks. Book booths can be stalled on the street, closed to the bus stop, railway station, shopping center, and even in the library. A customize kiosk helps us showcase books well and convenient to start a business.

Why choose a book kiosk in Ant Display?

Ant Display is a book kiosk manufacturer. We design and produce book kiosks, book display counters, book display showcase,s and bookstore shelves at a good price. People can experience professional design service, get high-quality bookshelf and experience fast delivery service. The customer service team provides 24-hour online service, you can get a response in the shortest time. Our main purpose is to help every shop owner start a business quickly.

Different types of book kiosk design

1. Book display kiosk

Book display kiosk mainly used in the shopping center, it has 4 sides expose to the public, so that people can see and buy books easily. Book display kiosk includes cashier counter, display showcase, brand logo area, and even glass cases. Styles include standard squared shape, round shape, U shape depends on location size and requirements. Storage cabinet is very important for mall kiosk, each counter can lock well.

Automated Book Borrowing Kiosk2. Automated Book Borrowing Kiosk

The automatic borrowing kiosk allows people to freely read the books they like and complete the borrowing process. When people read it completely, they can return the book within the specified time. Self-service book kiosks have software that hosts entire books and prices, and people buy them on their own.

It is suitable for installation in subway stations, libraries, shopping malls, and other public places. Shorten queuing time, no need to manually enter data, and improve work efficiency.

3. Mobile book cart

The mobile book cart looks like a display cart with books. It is made up of wood, stainless steel, etc. All kinds of books usually display on the countertop, cart body is empty for storage. The bottom of the book cart has wheels. Brand logo set the ceiling and posters put up in the front. Mobile book carts can be used both in the shopping center and outside.

4. Newspaper booth

Newspaper booths usually stand in outdoor malls, which can mainly use to sell books, newspapers, magazines, etc. People can buy newspapers in the morning on their way to work. It usually has a small size of around 2.5m by 2.2m, includes a wall shelf, cabinet, counter, lock door, sales window, etc.

5. Book display shelf

The Book display shelf has multiple layers of the display shelf. It usually stands against the wall in the bookstore and home study room. The book display rack has a custom size and can also be used as storage. The book display shelf can also add glass doors for protection.

How to design a book kiosk in the mall?

First, confirm book kiosk size, color, and styles

Book kiosk information determines the real looks of the service booth. First, rent a place in the mall, then we can start the bookstore decoration work.

Second, create the 3D design based on requirements

The designer creates the 3D design according to the requirements. And designers will add new ideas to the book showcase. Therefore, the book kiosk is meet the demands. Besides, any new ideas allowed to add to the book kiosk and look better.

Finally, make a construction drawing

Construction drawing is a very important part of book kiosk design. It shows detailed information about the book kiosk. The production is also based on the construction drawing and makes full use of the new design drawing.

book showcase in mall

How long time to produce the book kiosk?

Produce after an order with details confirmed. Workers first make wood body, this part needs 8-10 workdays, depends on the kiosk sizes. Then make the surface the same as the design effect. The different finish needs different craft, the procedure needs 8-10 workdays. The next step is to install wires and make the brand logo, time is 3-5 workdays. Finally, add lock doors and drawers needs 2-3 workdays and the book kiosk is complete. In a word, we recommend leaving at least 22-28 workdays.

Package details

When the book kiosk is ready to ship, the next step is to package the book kiosk for shipment. Bubble foam, cotton, and wood boxes are used to protect the goods well. We will also right kiosk numbers outside the boxes so that we can know which counter inside.

How to installation the bookshelf

Retail mall kiosks usually consist of several counters, when receiving the book kiosk, just put them together and connect cables. However, for the small size of the bookshelf and book cart kiosk, it does not need installation. Only set in the location and place books for sale.