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Ice cream food is not a very attractive food now, people start making ice cream sauce and stir -fry them into various rolls with different flavors. If you are interested in this type of food, can have a look at our this new ice cream roll kiosk, which will help you a lot.

Custom Ice Cream Roll Vendor
Description: Ice cream roll Kiosk
Size : 3 x 3m
Materials: MDF with baking paint

Custom Ice Cream Roll Vendor
In a business, the vendor size does not need to be too big. 3x3 m is a very popular size. The space around the kiosk is utilized, with some topping buckets placed on the front countertop, or you can choose our stainless steel topping with various flavors for customers to pick from, and the menu is placed in the most prominent position for passersby to see.

Custom Ice Cream Roll Vendor
The counter on the side is mainly used to promote your products. There are 3 large LED lighting boxes hanging on the counter surface, displaying your different flavors of ice cream rolls. Intuitively let customers see the effect of your final product, and promote their desire to buy. Of course, there will also be some devices placed inside the kiosk, such as a fridge, freezer and sink, which are very common ones. We need to design the layout according to your usage so that you can use them freely. Designed with added sneeze guard to give customers some protection.

Custom Ice Cream Roll Vendor
Generally, for the door entering the inner space of the kiosk, we will simply design it into the shape of a wooden board for easy installation. But also in order to increase the use of space, this time we also increase the design of the counter on the table, so that the table space can also be used.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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