High quality restaurant table | marble countertop table for sale

High quality restaurant table | marble countertop table for sale

Nordic marble bar table for sale in bubble tea shop

Nordic marble bar table for sale in bubble tea shop

High-end restaurant retail stone table for sale

High quality

Easy to install

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When it comes to restaurants, everyone is familiar with it. The tables and chairs inside it are generally uniform. In this way, it is convenient for us to buy, and the whole hotel looks very coordinated. It is very important to choose a good table and chair. Because our customers will have direct access to our tables and chairs, if they are not clean or uncomfortable, the customer's dining experience will be greatly reduced. Therefore, we also need to pay more attention to choosing tables and chairs.

The table I want to introduce to you today is relatively fashionable. It can be used both in restaurants and furniture. Its style is elegant and casual. From the above design drawing, we can clearly see its overall shape and color. It is mainly composed of two parts. One is the rock beam countertop, and the other is the metal supporting base. These two colors and materials are very common in restaurant tables.

restaurant desk

Restaurant high-end table

Table length: 80cm

Base diameter: 50cm

Height: 75cm

Material: Rock beam, metal

Production time: About 10 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

The four major performance advantages of rock beam

  • The rock beam is fired at a high temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius, and will not crack at high temperatures.
  • The rock texture is hard, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant, not easy to crack or scratch.
  • Na no-density impermeability, waterproof and impermeable, easy to clean.
  • The rock slab is made of natural environmental protection, safe and healthy, and can be directly used with food. 

Rock beam, three colors optional

stone table

Metal Base

Selected iron art to create the frame, high-temperature nano-baked paint. It is not easy to rust and corrode, is strong and stable, and has strong bearing capacity.

metal base


Our countertop and metal base are separate. You need to fix them together when you receive the goods. Separate packing is to facilitate transportation and reduce the volume of goods. We have two layers of packaging. The first layer is the packaging of the product itself. The corners of our products will be covered with pearl cotton, and the surface will be covered with several layers of stretch film. The outer packaging of the product is a wooden box, and the inside of the wooden box is a foam board. Our products are very safe to put inside. 


We are an export company and have many customers overseas. When we finish the production of the goods, we will ship it to the port nearest to you. When the ship arrives at the port, you can come here to pick up the goods. The port staff will contact you in advance, and we will also send you the invoice and bill of lading for customs clearance. You can use these documents to pick up the goods.

Restaurant furniture

There are many choices of furniture in the restaurant. Generally, if you have a table, you have a chair than a person, if you don’t know how to match it. We can choose some of the same or similar colors. The chair matched with this table above is our common sofa chair. It comes with a soft cushion and backrest if you like this chair. You can click the link to the chair. If you have a new restaurant, but don’t know how to renovate it. You can contact us and our designers will design the interior furniture and layout according to your store floor plan. After confirming the design, we will provide you with the furniture in the design drawing. So we can see the effect of our shop in advance.

Ant Display

Any product that needs to be customized can find us. Our furniture is customized in terms of size, color, material, shape, etc. If you don't find the furniture you like on our website, you can find us. Tell us all your thoughts, we are happy to create some new furniture styles for you.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Rock beam, metal
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