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Different styles of restaurants have the same style of tables and chairs inside. There are many levels of hotels, and we most often hear about 5-star hotels. The interior of the 5-star hotel looks very high-end, and the style and style of its tables and chairs are also very high-end. The style of some restaurants is relatively simple. You don't need to choose too high-end tables and chairs. They look good and just sit comfortably. In restaurants, sofa seating is essential. 

Today I want to introduce the sofa chairs in the hotel. Please see the design drawing above. Its color is gray and the surface is PU glossy leather. It looks very thick, and the sponge cushion and backrest are also very elastic. Its internal frame is wooden. The top of the bread sponge leather, the bottom is the marble pattern veneer. It can make our booth look more advanced.

Restaurant booth details

Size: 120x60x95cm

Color: Gray (It can be customized)

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: PU leather, marble laminate

Production time: About 15 working days

Place of dispatch: Shenzhen, China

sofa chair

We are a customized company, the color of the leather can be changed. This kind of chair is generally recommended to buy in bulk, our minimum order quantity is 2 or more. When you place an order, we will arrange factory construction and we will confirm the color in advance. After confirmation, you can start production. This restaurant booth is used in restaurants of all styles. If you just want to buy a few booths, this style is a good choice.

Customer feedback on this booth is very good, durable, and easy to clean. Our production time is about 15 working days. When the goods are completed, we will arrange transportation. We are an export company, no matter which country you are in, we can ship the goods to your port or the address you specify.

Restaurant Furniture

When it comes to restaurants, we must buy more than one item. The main furniture in the restaurant is the bar counter, table, and chairs. The tables in the design drawings can be found in our restaurant table classification. We also sell the bar separately. If you are worried that the style of furniture you buy is not uniform. Don't worry, you can give us the floor plan for your restaurant. Our designer will help us design the furniture for an entire shop. Because our furniture can be customized, we can make furniture with citrus design drawings. In this way, we get some uniform style of furniture. We can also see the effect of an entire shop in advance. 

Is it only one size?

of course not. All our furniture sizes can be customized. The size shown in the picture above is 1.2 meters long. If you want to change the size, you can contact us. We will customize it according to the size you want.

How much is the design fee for the store?

Our design fee depends on the design content and the area of the restaurant. Usually 500-1000$. If you want to design your restaurant, you can send us the floor plan for your shop. Then we can tell you the design fee when we place an order, it will be returned to you.

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Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Wood, PU leather
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