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Glass display cabinet for optical shop retail glass display for sales

High-end Eyeglasses Display Cabinet Lluxury Optical Glasses Display Fixtures Free Design

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As we know, everyone likes beautiful things. When you sell good quality and famous brand glasses products, you also need to use good display cabinets to help you. These models introduced today are very high-end.



Product Details

The eyeglasses display cabinets we designed are a little different from the past. We shifted the focus of the use of display cabinets to the overall collocation of the display cabinet, no longer pursue the number of showing products, and pay more attention to the quality of them.

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It can be seen from the pictures of these designs that the style of this display cabinet is partial to the British style. The display area of the eyeglasses is in the cabinet. We have designed a variety of display methods for you to choose from, which can be displayed with hooks and laminates. A drawer is also designed at the bottom of the display area, allowing you to put more glasses styles for customers to choose from.

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We have also designed a style with a hinged door in the window for you, and you can display some of the more expensive styles in it. In addition, we have designed a conjoined glasses display cabinet for you, so that you can display more products.

Main Material


This series of eyeglasses display cabinets is mainly made of MDF. It is often used in the furniture production process. It can be made into various shapes you need, strong and durable. We will provide you with the material you want.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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