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High-end Candy Display Kiosk Mall Small Candy Display Counter Design

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No matter you open one candy shop or run a booth in the mall, the candy display stands or display kiosk is necessary for you to show to your products. How to make your candy kiosk is unique and special in people’s eyes, the design is useful. We can help you make design if you have any requirements.

Description of the candy kiosk

This one candy display kiosk is small but useful for you to show many candies and snacks. First, the color of the candy display kiosk is pink, white and golden together, it looks beautiful and high-grade. It fits the candy item very well. You can put many different small candies boxes on the kiosk, people can choose the taste they like. The candies kiosk top and bottom can be designed the LED light strip or the spotlights too.

The middle one pink with golden edge sign is to show your logo brand, and its every angle is to make the lights, it will be lighted beautifully and shine on the candies. Another attractive point is that two luminous lollipops decorations, all can be cute and interesting for children.

The scales can be put at the end of the candy kiosk. It is very thoughtful for you to work. When people buy your candies, they can know the weight and prices.


The dimension of the candy kiosk is 10*8ft, but it is flexible and customized. This is the most basic requirement for you, because it needs to fit how much place you get in the mall or in the shop.

3D design

Our professional design team will crate the 3D models to meet your all requirements about the size, color, light box, equipment effect and so on. You can get the design in a fast time.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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