High-end Candy Display Kiosk Mall Small Candy Display Counter Design

High-end Candy Display Kiosk Mall Small Candy Display Counter Design

Candy kiosk

Candy Display Kiosk Sweet Sugar Retail Booth

Cute Candy Retail Kiosk Candy Display Booth

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Sweets are the food we all like, and when we are unhappy, if we can eat sweet candies, our mood will change. So if you plan to start selling candy, pay attention to its packaging and display furniture. The one we introduce today can give you a reference.

candy kiosk


You can see many different candy kiosk styles on our website, this one is different from the others, although it has a top structure, it can also be used in the interior of the store.

candy retail showcase

It is mainly divided into two areas, one is the outer area and the other is the inner area. In simple terms, it is on the design drawing, and the open area is the external shopping area. We have designed two long rows of counters for you to display candy. There is also a checkout counter in the middle area so that customers can quickly check out after selecting candies.

candy retail booth

The inner area is a structure with partitions, and the structure of walls is designed on both sides. If you don't like this design, we can also design it all into an open structure, which is convenient for customers to choose from.

candy display showcase

We designed the top structure to be very retro, which looks like a Chinese herringbone structure so that the overall frame structure is very stable. On both sides of the counter, in order to better promote your brand and products, we have installed a lot of advertising light boxes.

candy kiosk

This allows your customers to notice your brand at first sight.


The frame of this kiosk will be customized with metal welding, which can greatly improve its corrosion resistance and service life. so that you can use it longer. Various shapes can also be customized using MDF. In the end, materials will be provided to you according to your requirements.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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