Barber kiosk

3*1.8m High-end barber kiosk for mall

High end barber kiosk hair salon kiosk used in mall

High end barber kiosk hair salon kiosk used in mall

High end barber kiosk salon hair kiosk used in mall

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Our hair has a growth cycle, men need to cut their hair every month. And for women who want to beautify their hair will make their hairstyle every 2-3 months. All of these need to cost a lot of money. If you want to start a barber kiosk, there is a high quality for your reference. It is multifunctional and allows you to cut and do hair style for customers.

Detail information

Size: 3.5*2.5m

Color: white and black


Material: MDF with baking paint

Design time: 2-3 workdays

Production time: 22-27 workdays

Let's see from the picture, the main tone of this kiosk is white and black, which makes it look very high-end. In the interior design, there are four adjustable seats for 4 work counters. Each counter is equipped with 4 mirrors with LED, which can bright the mirror and make the people look beautiful. Closed with counter, there are some glass displays. You are allowed to show products here, such as the electric hair drier, fake hair. Outside of the kiosk, the wall has some light strips, which make it look very simple and elegant. And you are allowed to show your logo, which can increase the recognition of our kiosk.

barber kiosk

How to new barber kiosk?

First, tell your specific requirements, such as the size, logo, layout, style.

Second, charge the 300 used as the design fee. We have a professional design team. Our designers have worked in this market for 5 years and have rich experience. They can help you do a unique design. They will show your requirements and their ideas in 3D design. You can check its whole effect.

Third, confirm the design.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with baking paint
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