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Golden Jewelry kiosk Upscale Jewelry Retail Booth New Golden Vendor For Sale

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The jewelry products themselves are beautiful and high-end, which is a big highlight to attract customers. If you can use kiosks and display props to perfectly set off the texture of the products and help you attract enough customers, it will be perfect. Like our custom jewelry booth, we mainly use it as a brand promotion, with lots of highlights.

Retail Booth New Golden VendorThe first is the overall color matching. We choose the gold color of product as the main color and then choose black as an auxiliary color for the kiosk. Both colors are elegant representatives, and under the irradiation of the light, they appear more unique and beautiful. Consider that this kiosk is primarily used to promote your brand. So we designed five display areas, half of which are for product display and a half for brand promotion. Together, we can achieve better results.

Retail Booth New Golden Vendor

As for the exhibition area, we still keep our traditional way. The table is made of toughened glass, the counterpart where products are placed is made of a wooden base, and the front is equipped with LED light belt, which is particularly dazzling under the warm yellow light. Of course, you can also use posters instead.

Retail Booth New Golden Vendor

On the other side, the free space is designed as a brand reception area. The sleek and streamlined counter is bright and dazzling with the pure black piano painting process. Next to the reception desk, we specially designed a large half-model to display the products. We also put your brand sign directly on the front to deepen customers' impression of you. LED lights are added around to set off the display effect is perfect.

Retail Booth New Golden Vendor

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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