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Jewelry Crystal Glass Display Counter Retail Jewelry Accessories Display Kiosk

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Speaking of jewelry will think about luxury description, but in fact, for many customers, ordinary jewelry is a more frequent daily use, you sell more products. In order to make you better sell jewelry or other acrylic crystal products, we have customized a glass display counter for you.

Jewelry Crystal Glass Display

In order to maximize the display of your products for sale, the countertop and front all use toughened glass, the interior design of the cabinet is a double laminated structure and installed under the glass table aluminum groove tube. So you can see the effect from our 3D design, it is very shiny and can let customers see the details of your product clearly.

Jewelry Crystal Glass DisplayRegarding the kiosk color, we choose the white color consistent with the light as the main color of the kiosk, with the classic black as the ornament. The frame surface around the kiosk and the kicking part of the work surface are all blacks. This color combination of alternating black and white can set off each other, also very beautiful. Mirrors are also installed on the left and right sides of the counter inside the corner of the Kiosk. Under the irradiation of light, the counter interior space appears larger.

Jewelry Crystal Glass Display

In addition to a lot of display space, this kiosk also has a lot of storage space. We design cabinets at the bottom of the counters, which are convenient for you to store jewelry bags or boxes. The space in the middle is large enough, so a separate counter is specially designed here for your use.

Jewelry Crystal Glass Display

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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