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Wooden Room Dividers

Dividers have become a popular form of partitioning room space. Among the many kinds of partitioning materials, wooden dividers account for a large proportion in home decoration. They are generally furnished in a prominent position in the interior and serve as partitions, beautification, wind protection, Coordination and other roles. It and the furniture are mutually radiant and integrated, becoming an inseparable whole of home decoration, presenting a harmonious beauty and tranquil beauty. The wooden divider is usually used between the living room and the dining room. The main function is to separate the space. It is not important for the impact of light, but it requires a certain degree of sealing so that the two spaces do not interfere with each other. Ant Display has a large variety of modern design wooden room dividers, wooden partitions and wooden screen walls, check our site and choose your favorite design.

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The price of wooden divider needs to be divided according to their wooden grades. For example, the wooden partitions are more expensive than ash, and the design partitions should be selected according to the specific requirements of the family and economic strength. More often, the partitioning products are the comprehensive use of these materials. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the materials, on the basis of taking into account the appearance and artistic conception, they exert natural functions and characteristics.wooden stone room divider partitions

Wooden room divider effect

Push-pull solid wood dividers can be divided into two types: standing type and multi-folding type according to the shape. Its expression forms are transparent, translucent, closed, and hollow. Compared with other material dividers, wooden divider has many practical functions in addition to classic Chinese aesthetics.

  1. Play the role of partitioning the room

It can be placed not only at the entrance door, but also at an appropriate position in the room, dividing the room into two separate spaces, so that the residents do not interfere with each other and each has a tranquil atmosphere; For the interval, the closed wooden divider is generally selected, and the height should not be lower than the line of sight; if the divider is used in the book corner, the hollow wooden divider can be selected so that it can look lively and vital.

  1. Play the role of the dressing room

You can hang some coats on the divider, and put a divider at the door of the room, which can be used for hanging raincoats and clothes and can also block the outside view, avoiding the embarrassment of being unobstructed.

  1. Play the role of beautifying the bedroom

Adding a pot of green leaf ornamental plants in front of the wooden divider side can make people feel quiet and warm. The combination of solid wood and green will give people a gentle and quiet feeling.

Cleaning and maintenance of wooden divider

Don't treat anything casually when we buy it. We have to treat them well so that they have a longer and longer life. Because of the special material of the wooden divider, cleaning and maintenance should pay more attention to maintenance than divider of other materials. The following provides some suggestions for your reference.

  1. The solid wood divider is waxed at least once a year, and a special furniture paste wax is used to coat the furniture with wax. Before waxing, use mild non-alkaline soapy water to wipe off the old wax.
  2. If you encounter mildew on the solid wood divider, you can remove it with a clean soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent. Then gently apply a layer of furniture wax to the moldy part, and put a soap or gauze bag filled with dried tea leaves in the moldy place to help eliminate the moldy smell.
  3. The solid wood divider should be kept away from the humidifier. The solid wood divider is insulated to prevent cracking, but be careful not to put the humidifier directly on the solid wood divider or stay too close to the heater for a long time, which will make the solid wood divider partially damp. Causes mildew, swelling and other problems. And don't put the solid wood divider in direct sunlight, as it will cause the discoloration of the local paint film or premature aging and deformation of the wood. Therefore, for the solid wood divider, a relatively cool and ventilated place is the best choice.
  4. Maintain good humidity. The ideal humidity is around 40%. If you use cold air for a long time, you can put a basin of water next to it. The temperature difference should not be too large to prevent the air conditioner from turning on and off frequently, resulting in dramatic temperature changes.

On our website, you can find many dividers of different styles or different materials. You can choose the style you like and place an order. If you need to customize the divider, you can tell me to pinch the need, our designer will help you make a design first, after confirming the design, we will put into production.If you have any questions or you want to learn more details, please contact us.