C Shaped Reception Desk

C shape desksC Shaped Reception Desk

C shaped desks are curved reception counter that builds in half C or full C shapes and is widely used in office, salon and other reception areas. The C counters have a arch, smooth front that allows guests access from all directions comfortablely, while the compacted interior space can highly increase the working efficiency. Attractive features are made to add a tremendous beauty aura to your office and leave a good impression on every visitor.

Place the ergonomic design C-shaped welcome desk in your reception area and start to improve your reception workspace. The expressive front place would look friendly to every guest and create a decisive environment in the meeting room. Our wide range of C-shaped counters came in practical function and aesthetic style And finished with top-quality materials. Moreover, C shaped tables have an excellent rustic structure that is exuberant of simplicity, fashion, and sleekness. It also offers visitors enough space to make notes or filling papers with a big enough countertop. Buy the most popular C reception desks at an affordable price!

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