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The cubicle is a partially enclosed office work area, usually 5-6 feet (1.5-1.8 m) high, separated from the adjacent work area. The purpose is to isolate the sight and noise of office workers and managers from the open workspace so that they can concentrate on their work and distract them. The cabinet is composed of modular elements, such as walls, work surfaces, overhead trash, drawers, and shelves, which can be configured according to user needs. Installation is usually performed by trained personnel, although some cabinets allow users to make configuration changes without special training. Ant Display supplies various colors and systems of office cubicles and office section workbench and economical. Check our page and find your favorite office furniture.
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In the 2010s, cubicles were usually equipped with a computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse on the workbench. The cubicle usually has a desk phone. Since many offices use elevated fluorescent lights to illuminate the office, the cubicles may or may not have lights or other additional lighting equipment. Other furniture commonly used in cubicles includes office chairs, file cabinets, bookcases and shelves for locking out cubicles system

Custom Office Cubicles System

Although the cubicles are often regarded as a symbol of work due to the unity and simplicity of the modern office environment, they usually provide greater privacy and personality for the employee's lining table compared to the previous work environment. Open room. Compared to this, they cost less than a single private office. In some office cubicle workspaces, employees can decorate the walls of the cubicle with posters, pictures, and other items.

Why we choose office cubicles?

  • The office cubicles can give us an independent office environment, so that we can use our strength and do our daily work well, without being affected by others.
  • It makes the distribution of the entire office department clear and makes the interior working space tidy.
  • Office cubicles reflect the modern office, which is an office environment that many people want very much.

The office cubicles consist of a set of panels that are configured together to create an employee workstation. Due to the modular design of most panel systems, small cubicles can usually be made larger or smaller as needed to make them highly versatile, but for untrained personnel, the design is very difficult. If you want to add a compartment in the office, please be sure to contact our sales team to take advantage of our free space planning service.

Panel system

The panel system is part of the cubicle. Panel systems come in various sizes and materials and are designed to meet the specific needs of each office. Before purchasing, be sure to consider the amount of space to be equipped, the number of employees to be accommodated, the style or color required, and budget constraints.

Room dividers and partitions

Room dividers and partitions are independent panels designed to act as a visual or light barrier between workstations, meeting spaces, and lounge areas. Other types of panels, such as decorative barrier partitions, are often used to destroy the visual space in the waiting room. Other options can provide both a lightweight sound barrier and visual effects. Accordion dividers can be configured in a variety of ways, so you can get the proper amount of separation between workstations or common areas. For offices that want to divide space without constructing walls, room dividers are an excellent solution.

Team Help Desk

Similar to the workbench, the team desk is an open concept workstation in which multiple employees sit in a single pod-like structure to promote excellent collaboration in a team environment. The team help desk may or may not include small desktop dividers between sites to provide a small amount of privacy.

Callcenter service desk

The call center service desk is similar to the team help desk because it combines many workstations into a small space, but differs in the level of privacy provided. The team desk is designed to break down barriers and promote collaboration between employees sitting together, while call center desks are usually located in a straight line and provide a higher desktop privacy screen to allow employees to talk to customers over the phone Get the quiet space you need.

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