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Office chairs refer to all kinds of chairs that are equipped for convenient work in daily work and social activities and can be classified according to material composition, type of use, and occasion of use. In daily life, when choosing an office chair, you can choose from the depth of the office chair, the height of the legs, the height of the legs, the height of the back, the slope of the chair, the softness of the chair, the stability of the chair, the style of the chair to choose. Ant Display supplies a large variety of office chair at wholesale price. Check our page and choose your favorite color.

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There are many different classification methods for office chairs. Generally, they can be divided into executive chairs, conference chairs, mid-day chairs, visitor chairs, meeting chairs, training chairs, etc.; according to the production materials, they are divided into PU leather office chairs and leather offices. Chairs, mesh office chairs, cloth office chairs, plastic office chairs, etc.; divided into work chairs, conference chairs, meeting chairs, supervisor chairs, staff chairs, boss chairs, etc. according to different groups of users. For different occasions and different groups of people, just assign chairs suitable for leather office chair

When choosing an office chair, in addition to looking at the classification, it also depends on the size. Next, we look at how to choose the size of the office chair.

Office chair depth

The seat design is generally 40 to 42 cm for men and 38 to 40 cm for women. It should not be too deep, because office chairs are generally used in more formal occasions. In this occasion, basic etiquette must be respected, so People must sit upright. If the depth of the chair is too deep, people will sit too deep, it will be easy to relax too much. In this case, it is impossible to maintain a long and upright sitting posture. Sitting too relaxed not only does not appear solemn but also Too relaxed state is not conducive to the improvement of work efficiency. So the depth of the office chair is shallower.

The height of the office chair should be discussed separately from the height of the leg and the height of the back.

As we all know, the height of a chair is about the same as the length of a person’s calf. It is the most comfortable, whether it is a sofa or any kind of chair. However, the height of people who use office chairs must be different in height. If office chairs with the same chair height are used, it is easy to make the user uncomfortable and uncomfortable, which reduces work efficiency. Therefore, the legs of office chairs are generally designed to be adjustable in height, so that they can basically satisfy all height users.

Seat height

For an office environment where frontal sitting is required, you can choose a chair without armrests and backrests, or choose a chair with low armrests and low backrests. For less serious occasions, you can choose an office chair with a high backrest. The height of the backrest can be near the neck or in the middle of the head. The difference in waist length is not as great as the difference in leg length, but there are differences. So the back of the chair is generally adjustable.

Backrest width

Generally suitable for men is 40 ~ 42 cm, suitable for women is 40 ~ 42.04cm, a few centimeters wider than the shoulder width.

The office chair not only has the function of improving the working efficiency of office workers but also has the function of limiting the environment and improving the environment as a part of the office environment. Of course, the environment referred to here includes not only the space environment with office space as the main body, but also the office environment that belongs to the physical category such as corporate image and office concept. A work chair that meets the needs of office workers can play a role not only in public performance but also to effectively prevent the occurrence of office occupational diseases such as low back pain and lumbar disc herniation. Put into work, and appreciate the fun and pleasure of work.

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