Curio Cabinets

curio cabinetsAre you looking for curio cabinets? If you have been looking for unique cabinets to display items you are proud of, then curio cabinets are your best choice. Antique collection is an activity that requires a high degree of professional knowledge. The accumulation of this professional knowledge is a gradual and gradual process of improvement. Curio cabinets are suitable for decorating study rooms, living rooms, exhibition halls, and we can also see them in antique shops, museums, exhibition halls, etc. This cabinet style is specially designed for displaying antiques, which are only collectibles and precious items. It is usually made of wood and equipped with metal shelves and glass panels.

Ant display provides unique curio cabinets. Antiques bring people cultural and spiritual enjoyment and artistic influence, and people can also make money through investment and value-added capital. Ant Display Co., Ltd. is a curio cabinets enterprise integrating technology research and development, production, sales, and service. Our main business is custom-made museum showcases, cultural relics showcases, independent museum showcases, museum flat cabinets, sloped cabinets, constant temperature and humidity showcases, museum lift showcases, electric showcases, jewelry showcases, niches, display panels, and other products. No matter what color and shape of curio cabinets you need, you can find them on our website.

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Curio cabinets usually have glass panels on the sides and front. Antique cabinets can be used to display many different types of collectibles, not just porcelain. Antique display cabinets allow collectors to proudly display their valuables while avoiding damage due to long-term or improper storage. To increase visual interest, Ant Display recommends sorting and displaying antiques, which can increase the diversity of your collection. It can also be arranged according to year, style, or theme, and you can proudly show your collection to others. At the same time, lighting is also a good solution to make curio cabinets look high-end and attractive while highlighting antiques and valuables.

What are curio cabinets?

Curio cabinets can be used to display almost any exhibit. These cabinets usually have transparent glass panels on the sides, allowing you and visitors to fully understand the collection. The side view frame is especially suitable for objects you don't want to deal with. The clear front and sides are also great for collectibles, such as wood carvings, figurines, and dolls with 360-degree detail. Essentially, apart from the glass surface, the only differentiating factor between antique cabinets and porcelain cabinets is their purpose.

What can curio cabinet hold

curio cabinets

  • Unique travel souvenirs
  • Small antiques
  • Figurines
  • Heirloom
  • Jade Antique Display Cabinet
  • Ceramics.
  • Calligraphy and painting
  • Miscellaneous.

Miscellaneous mainly include bamboo, wood, teeth, horns, four treasures of the study, lacquerware, embroidery, bronze, Buddha statues, gilt artifacts, etc., as well as some items that cannot be accurately classified such as ornaments, bracelets, walnuts, etc.

Curio cabinet category

  1. Glass Curio Cabinets
  2. Solid wood curio cabinet
  3. Curio counter display cabinet
  4. Constant temperature storage cabinet

curio cabinetsCurio cabinets are closer to product storage. Its constant temperature and humidity controllable temperature and humidity range can almost cover the storage of most items on the market. The working principle of the antique constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet is to realize the constant temperature and humidity environment in the cabinet through 4 sets of working systems and 1 set of control systems in the cabinet. 4 sets working systems have heating, humidifying, cooling, and dehumidifying working systems. The control system is a microcomputer control system. The working system is controlled according to the high-precision probes placed in the cabinet and the set temperature and humidity values, and the operation is coordinated and orderly so that the temperature and humidity in the cabinet reach a constant level. A technology company specializing in R&D and sales of printing paper storage cabinets, focusing on the production of various paper storage cabinets. Herringbone paper cultural relic storage cabinets, modern book storage cabinets, all kinds of printing paper constant temperature and humidity storage cabinets.

About Ant Display

Ant Display focuses on providing all kinds of exhibition projects, museums, exhibition halls, exhibition halls, and all kinds of showcase production. In the manufacturing process of showcases, we always take the protection of cultural relics as the core, and constantly improve the safety of the showcases. Our factory has more than 18 years of experience in the production of curio cabinets. Our factory has mature workers, professional designers of curio cabinets, and first-class production equipment. Ant display adheres to the corporate culture of "high quality, customer first, excellence, and enterprising", integrating design concepts and superb technology. Customer satisfaction is the direction and eternal theme of Ant Display's efforts.