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Balloons appear on many lively occasions. We can see them at weddings, birthday parties, and store openings. The more people sell balloons in amusement parks or Disney. They are a very beautiful decoration. Of course, the disadvantage of balloons is that they leak and explode easily. So they are only suitable for short-term use.

Nowadays, many props or candies are in the shape of balloons. If you want to use balloon-shaped props for a long time, we might as well use glass fiber reinforced plastic ornaments. They can be used outdoors and are available in many colors. We can also move their locations at any time, which is very safe and reliable.


Features of Fiberglass

  1. The weight is very light, and the relative density is between 1.5-2.0.
  2. It has very light corrosion resistance and has good resistance to the atmosphere, water, and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, and a variety of oils and solvents.
  3. It has excellent characteristics such as good insulation and designability.fiberglass decoratioon

Style Selection

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Installation Method

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More Information
Color red
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Fiberglass
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