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High-end hotel reception desk design | custom front table for sale

Luxurious style reception desk in 5 star hotel for sale

Luxurious style reception desk in 5 star hotel for sale

Fashionable hotel reception counter | custom front table for sale

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We can often see some very beautiful hotel reception counters on TV. Their style is often the reception counter that matches the style of the hotel, which is very important for companies or hotels. Our staff can help us handle some appointments and receive our customers or consultants here. The style of the reception counter is very varied. On our website, you can see many different styles. They can be used for many kinds of business. What I want to introduce to you today is the reception counter of a hotel.

We can see its color and shape from the above design drawing. It has two workstations in total, and we can put two computers. Inside are some drawers and cabinets, we can store our files or tools. You can also put some decorations on the countertop. Let’s look at its details.

Hotel reception counter for sale

Size: 3000x600x1000mm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint, marble laminate

Color: Gray (Can be customized)

Production time: About 10 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

This counter is very fashionable and looks very beautiful. It is not only suitable for hotels, but also for some enterprises. If you like this reception counter, you can place an order directly. All our products are freshly made and there is no stock. After you place the order, we will submit the drawings to the factory. Our workers will start production according to the size, shape, and material on the drawing.


Our material is medium density fiberboard. This is a very commonly used material. When the wooden cabinet is finished, we will polish and paint it. Baking paint is a kind of surface craft, its color rendering is good, the surface looks smooth and shiny. The front of the counter is a marble veneer, which is a kind of laminate with the texture of imitating marble. The effect looks very good. We will install light strips on the bottom of the marble veneer, which will look more design and look better. Considering that we will use computers at the reception counter, we will also install sockets. When you receive the goods, just connect the wire to the local power supply.

Ant Display Furniture

Ant Display is a customized company. All our products are not fixed. If you want to change the size and color or material of the reception counter. You can tell us. We will make a design according to your ideas first so that we can confirm more details. If you don’t find the style you like on our website, you can send us the picture you like, or we can make a design based on the style you like. Here, you can find everything you want.


After the goods are completed, we will help you arrange transportation. Our shipping time depends on your port or your specific address. If you are from the United States, you need to buy the bonds in advance. It takes about 35 days to arrive at the US port. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will notify you in advance to pick up the goods. Our freight is the arrival freight and does not include customs duties. So you need to pay taxes to customs. The specific amount depends on the total value of the goods and your customs.

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Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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