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Creative chocolate ice cream kiosk frozen yogurt booth used in Australia

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Customized Ice Cream Kiosk & Gelato Display Counter with Factory Price for Sale

Factory Price Ice Cream Kiosk Retail Food Stand | Portable Frozen Yogurt Shop in Mall for Sale

Elegant design ice cream kiosk in mall for sale

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Ice cream is one of the most popular food in the world. Many people loves ice cream because of the delicious taste and cool feeling. Especially in hot weather, we can find ice cream shops everywhere we go. As for a new business, it’s a great idea to open an ice cream store in the mall center. Because, you only need to rent a location and purchase a suitable kiosk.It’s very important to decoration the ice cream cabinet on you own idea, in this case, it can better reflect your brand and attracts more customers. Here is a customized ice cream shop in mall for your reference.

Retail ice cream kiosk wooden food booth cabinet

As we can seen in the design drawing, the kiosk measures 6m by 3m. In the front side, there is a large menu for consumers to purchase the favorite ice creams. And checkout here in the counter. There are large machines here. On the back side are 3 roll up ice cream machines and fridges. Where there are 3 sinks in the right side. While on the bottom are locked cabinet and drawers for storage. We can also put the brand logo and name on the kiosk to let people know us better and even put up posters and insert TV scream to play video advertise. While the outside of the table is decorated with pleats of different colors, which makes our ice cream shop unique. We can also use lights of different colors to decorate, which can catch people's attention more and promote retail.

If you have any new idea about ice cream shop decoration, please feel free to contact us. You can find unique design in Ant Display. Because we have a professional design team to create CAD drawing follow on our customers requirements. We are sure that we can meet your demands. A new CAD design charges 300 usd, (Which will refund when production). The designer need 2-3 business days to finish the design. And production takes about 20-25 days. Whenever you need further information. You are welcome to call us.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate, stainless steel, glass, etc.
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