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Exquisite Earring Storage Rack | Metal Metal Earring Display Stand

Custom Handmade Jewelry Metal Earrings Display Rack Rings Stand Tabletop Jewelry Holder

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Beautiful jewelry needs a good display stand to show its own beauty, thus triggering customers' desire to buy. With a simple display, customers can observe its details up close. Today, you will love this earring display rack.


Product Features

  • Selected materials;
  • Exquisite craftsmanship;
  • Storage display;
  • Stylish and beautiful;
  • Luxurious quality

Main Material

This earring display stand is made of high-quality metal, simple texture of the metal texture, gloss luxury, beautiful shape. Excellent transparency and well polishing, nice joint no bubble. Perfectly set off with your jewelry earrings. The carefully selected colors are durable, practical and beautiful, creating a wonderful display space for your earrings.

Detachable Design

Combine innovative design and craftsmanship with a simple and textured style. Also in order to facilitate transportation, installation and disassembly of this display stand, we use screw perforation technology for easy installation. When needed, tighten the screws. Disassemble when not needed for easy storage.

Customized Service

In addition, we can also redesign the display stand you need according to your needs, and we can specify the use of other materials to make it. Such as cloth, flannelette, leather paper, PU, ​​specialty paper, the lacquer bake. The surface of the display stand can also be selected to be shiny or matte, which can be customized. Your logo can also use multiple methods, such as silk screen printing, imprint, emboss, metal label sticker, etc.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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