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Bags, as a must-have fashion item for going to work, have long been a product that people often buy in addition to clothing. Bags are different from other products. When you use high-end display cabinets to display, you can better reflect the value of bags and attract customers' attention.

bag shop furniture


Bag Shop Furniture Details

bag display showcase

When we design bag products to display commercial furniture, most of them are designed together in the entire store. It is different from other products in that a separate display will appear to have a full range of brand products, not specifically for leather goods and bags. The overall design of the whole store can also better conform to the concept of your bag design, focusing on one core.

handbag display furniture

The products such as bags are relatively large in size, so they occupy more space than the price, and they are more inclined to the wall cabinet type in the use of display furniture. For tall wall cabinets, you only need to design misplaced laminates in different positions, and your products can be displayed. However, we will use the space on the top of the wall cabinet to reflect your brand's logo, and we will also place mirrors in some appropriate areas for customers to see the effect of the back.

bag shop display case

In addition to wall cabinets, some counters will be designed in conspicuous locations for you to display popular bags or main products.


bag display cabinet

As you can observe from the pictures, the overall design of the shop is very dazzling. We use a large amount of brushed champagne-gold stainless steel as the decoration material, which can improve the overall decoration of your shop and also enhance the quality of the products.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, and so on
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