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Children Clothes Display Rack Clothing High End Kid Dress Showcases Retail Display Fixture

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Clothing has always been a product that people pay more attention to, especially female mothers. Generally speaking, people will pay more attention to all kinds of children's products, so you should also choose suitable display furniture to display children's clothing.

kid dressing showcase


Children Clothes Display Rack Details

children clothing display rack

When you see the picture for the first time, you will be attracted by the harmonious color combination in the design. The light blue represents children's fantasies, while the light pink is the expression of children's innocence.

kid clothing showcase

Our design is not very complicated, we can make the overall collocation for you even the back wall, or you can just need the display stand. This display rack is not mainly used to display clothing but can be used as the background wall of your shop, so we have designed different frame shapes for you to use.

kid clothes display case

A few small pedals at the bottom can be used to display children's shoes, which is very practical.

children dress display showcases


The back wall and bottom show the MDF made by the counter. MDF is a material often used in the furniture manufacturing process, which is durable and strong. And the display rack is made of metal racks, and the surface is sprayed with environmentally friendly paint, which is both beautiful and usable.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal and MDF
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