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Creative computer display table design laptop display counter used in mobile shop

  1. this computer display table is very modern and nice
  2. we accept customize, can customize as your needs 
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When you walk into some physical stores of mobile phones and computers, you will find that they will have display tables to display mobile phones and computers, and guests can touch and experience these products. Display tables are essential to a phone and electronics shop. Especially some brand mobile phone stores, they pay more attention to the style and design of the display table.With so many mobile phone stores, how to attract customers to let them into your store is very important. In addition to the brand, the decoration of the store is also very important. The display table is generally located in the middle of the store, so its design should be very fashionable and attractive, which can enhance the display effect and help attract customers.


Here today i want to share you a creative computer display table design we did before for a Djibouti customer.


Why say it is creative, mainly because it shape design.You can see different as some normal display tables Rectangular or round shape, it used is I-shaped,around the table ,bottom base and middle cabinet frames all used illuminated yellow acrylic for decoration.This kind design makes the display table looks very special.At the same time it is also very functional.On table top middle has a divide glass, can display computers both sides of the glass.we also did wire hole on countertop, inside cabinet added sockets, then these computers can connect electricity from these holes.under the table it is a cabinet with door, can open, so you can use it to storage. Well, may be you will ask, what materials it used? Can it stay long time?This computer table basic material used is high density MDF wood, surface used is black and white paint, the paint we will do 5 times,so surface will be durable.

Here are some detailed info for you to know this computer display table better:

  1. Size:2m by 1m or if you need, we can customize as your size
  2. Price:1200USD/piece, if you want to change size, price will need recheck
  3. Materials used:MDF wood with black and white paint finish, tempered glass
  4. Accessories included:acrylic with led light,sockets
  5. Production time:need 12-15 work days after design and drawing approval


Here I gathered some questions customers always asked,wish can help you:

1.can you please tell me what’s the timeline,like when proposal works,when it will be ship,normally how long will it arrive in the US?

A:if you need is a whole computer shop furniture, then we need start with design firstly.we can help you design the whole shop, design will need 3-5 work days, then send you check, after design confirmed then we can start production, production about 25 work days, ship to US about one month by sea.If you just need same style table, then we can go ahead to confirm order, then production will need about 12-15 work days.

2.What kind guarantee i can get?how i ensure my money is safe?

A:1)payment guarantee:

we can go trade assurance order on alibaba, as you know know alibaba protect the buyer's right.if we didn't sent furniture as agreed or after you received have problems not followed what we confirmed, then you can ask refund, and your payment will arrive alibaba platform, only you click confirm received cargo then we can receive payment,so after you received cargo, if have problems or found cargo not did as agreed design and drawing, or have any quality problems,you can ask refund or Compensation. So you are very secure and have guarantee

  2)quality guarantee:we are a direct factory already specialize in making customized shop furniture 12 years, we have rich experience and exquisite workmanship.we already did many computer shops before and received nice feedback.before we load we will take all photos and videos, after you checked all is ok then we will load. to order this display table?

A:if you want is same style and size, you can order directly, accept payment styles have western union, bank transfer.


If you are interested in this computer display table and want more details, or have any more questions, just feel free to contact us.



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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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