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There is a saying that "women depend on looks for three points and dress for seven points. There are no ugly women, only lazy women." Therefore, this also explains the importance of makeup in this society. We all know that celebrities also have to make up. So don’t be envious of the beauty of others. You can dress up and put on makeup. In fact, you can also show different beauty.

And makeup can also be helpful to job hunting. If you often look at some recruitment information, it may not be difficult to find that no matter any position, there will always be certain requirements for image quality. A good image will make the interviewer remember you. It cannot be said that it will definitely bring you employment, but it has a greater chance than ordinary people. The same is true at work. A beautiful and decent image brings self-confidence and at the same time infects people around you who like to associate with you. More importantly, it can leave a deep impression on the leader.

Cosmetic Display Showcase

In the cosmetic display showcase, we use the MDF as the main material. For the surface, we will use baking paint. You can see there is an 8 window display showcase. Because it is easy to display the product. At the top of the display stand, you can display all of your products on the top. At the bottom of the display stand, we use the black baseboard.


  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 2000X400X1000MM
  • Surface: baking paint,
  • Color, white
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe, lightbox, sticker

Ant Display

We are a custom company and we have produced and shipped many cosmetic display platforms to many countries. All our display cases are made according to the style customers like. On our website, you can see many styles of cosmetics display. Each style of these cosmetic display cabinets is different. You can choose the right model according to your needs.

If you want to customize a unique cosmetic display, you can contact us and tell us what you think. We have a professional design team to help us design. After the 3D design, we will send you the design drawings for confirmation.

If there is no problem with the drawings, we will produce the display stand according to the construction drawings.

The price also depends on the size, shape, and material of the cosmetic. We are an export company with cooperative customers in many countries.


If you want to design a new one, you need to consider the design time. The design time generally takes 2-5 working days. If you want to order the same as the picture, you only need to consider the production time and shipping time.

Production time will depend on how many cosmetic displays you need? 1-3 working days takes 15-18 working days. If you need more than 4 booths, you need to consider 22-25 working days to complete. The time of shipment depends on which port is near you. For example, if you are close to New York harbor, the shipping time is about 32 days.

How to package cosmetics display?

Each corner of the display rack will be wrapped in EPE foam. We all know that EPE foam is a new cushioning and shockproof packaging material. It has good heat resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Finally, EPE foam was fixed with the film. As for outer packing, we will use MDF to make wooden cases. This wooden case is strong enough to protect the cosmetics display cabinet from being damaged.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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