Special design for mall perfume kiosk | elegant style showcase for sale

Special design for mall perfume kiosk | elegant style showcase for sale

perfume display kiosk

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Circle shape cosmetic display kiosk | luxurious mall kiosk design

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Perfume cabinet is one of the very luxurious products, it is very popular with women like jewelry. In our lives, people who use perfume abound. Perfume is divided into men and women, so its sales range is also wide. In addition to professional perfumes, we can often see perfume kiosks in shopping malls. Everyone has different ideas and gets different sizes. So there are many styles of perfume kiosks.

The kiosk to be introduced today is very advanced.

perfume display kiosk

From the picture, we can see that it is semi-arc-shaped, with some polygonal stands in the middle, plus a flower decoration. The decoration of the arc-shaped counter is an electroplated stainless steel frame, we use mirror stainless steel, it looks very beautiful under the shining of light.

In the middle of the two curved cabinets is the cash register. We can add our logo to make it look more beautiful.

mall kiosk design

Inside the kiosk are some cabinets, we can put some stocks here.

The display of perfume can be placed directly on the countertop.

retail stand


Size: 3x3m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Glossy baking paint, Mirror gold stainless steel

Others: Led light, sockets

Floor: Plywood, PVC

This kiosk design according to our customer’s location size and requirements. After we finish the design and get the mall approval. We can start to prepare the production.

We have our own factory when we receiving the kiosk deposit. We will start the production. The arc stainless steel rack and flower’s workmanship are complicated. So the production time will be longer.

Production Photos

perfume kiosk

perfume counter


All our goods are packed in wooden boxes, and the flowers on the top are also unpacked. When you receive the goods, you can directly put them on and fix them. Its installation is very simple.

perfume kiosk packed

Mall Kiosk Design

If you want to build a kiosk in your mall, you can tell me what size you need and send your favorite kiosk style. We can design the kiosk according to your size and requirements. So you can send it to your mall for approval.

Design fee: 300$, it allows modification.

Design time: 2-3 working days.

Production time: 25-30 working days

When you submit the design to the mall, if they have any comments, you can tell me. We can modify the design and help you to get approval.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint, Stainless steel
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